SOTA presentation from Phil, G4OBK at RSGB Convention - live streamed (Saturday 8 Oct 2022).

There will be plenty of detail in RadCom, coming next week and on the RSGB Website. I’ll find out if the calls can be used portable. I think it likely that it may be the same as with GB22GE that I used from G/TW-004 on two occasions. You were not permitted to use the /P suffix.
Tom - see if this link allows the stream. Link found on twitter.

73 Phil


This link works for me. Phil’s talk starts at around 1:14:30

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David G0EVV on his feet at the RSGB Convention


Well done Phil !
It was a real honor to meet a SOTA legend !
I do hope hear you soon
73 Roger


A great weekend and great talks to promote SOTA, well done @G4OBK and @G0EVV !

I couldn’t imagine standing up in front of all those people delivering a talk, especially knowing that a camera or two was pointing at you too!

I made it on the ‘big screen’ too, during my short stint on the special event station - I had totally forgotten about the video feed from the GB3HQ operating position!

73, Colin