SOTA net Friday 19:30z

Well its almost the last Friday of the month again. 19:30z is the SOTA net
Time . We hope you will join us to talk
About all things SOTA related.
Even if you are just thinking of giving SOTA a try or are just interested in what it is , please join us.
All the different modes to check in are listed below.


No Dstar. :frowning:


Sorry , Not yet Chris.
You never know what might happen in the future.
The team that does the clever stuff are always coming up with new way’s to connect.
You can always access through peanut,
It’s a free app .

Tried to get peanut, but the only one I see is Maternity, for which I don’t qualify - - wrong plumbing.

Elliott, K6EL


Try thus one .lol.

Aha, that explains why i had trouble accessing through peanut last month. The app i downloaded was very odd

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Last month used my OpenSpot4Pro with my FT3 - but got a new Network Radio an InricoT320 so hopefully give that a whirl.

Steve G6UYG

I wasn’t around last month, but I shall try to join in via my Yaesu FT-991A & OpenSpot this time.

Adam @M3SXO - can you join this via DMR?

Cheers . Look forward to seeing you there.

That sounds like an interesting piece of kit
Steve see you there Friday. Looking forward to it.

Installed Peanut and added a reminder to my calendar. I’m usually at or just leaving the gym at that time though, so we’ll see. :slight_smile:


See you there Chris . If you’re not too worn-out…:wink:

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Adam . Yes you can access through DMR a few different way’s. See the opening post it has them listed on the Logo.

Hi Colin, Of all the different DMR groups listed, are any of them using the Brandmeister Network?

73 Ed.

Hi Ed
We originally had Brandmeister but they
Didn’t like being linked to other networks
So we had to pull out.
Brandmeister want The talkgroups to be Brandmeister only and and not linked , this would limit the access to Brandmeister only.
This is how i understood it. There “are” guy’s that are better informed than me.

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That’s a shame as outside of the UK, the Brandmeister network is the most used DMR Network.

I’ve heard about not wishing to link from the original Motorola DMR network and to some extent the Hytera DMR Plus network as well but one of the reasons the Brandmeister network was set up, was so that linking could take place to D-Star and YSF. How times change!

Ah perhaps BM don’t just want to be linked to other DMR networks - that might make some sense with addressing loops and the like. It was bad enough when there were three DMR networks, now it seems there are several more.

73 Ed.

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I can probably see there issues, when they are linked they then inherit everyone else’s problems.

Great net @M0WCW Colin :+1: looking forward to next months when you’re discussing antennas in the field…… be interesting to see what other activators use.

73, GW4BML. Ben


Great net, thanks for letting me check in! Nice to hear you all and hope to be back next month.

73, Mike NJ0Q

Thanks for your input Ben.
I had trouble with the peanut app. to start with
And missed the beginning. I’m out and about in my camper doing a couple of SOTA activations.
But it was a great net ,Thanks for being there
and I’m looking forward to the next months net
All about antennas, what a subject, so much to experiment with .

Regards Colin