SOTA natter net

Been a while since we had one of these. In the past they have taken various forms - on VHF, via repeaters, via Echolink etc.

Anyway, since I reverted to self-employment a while back, I’ve been spending a lot more time on the road. Something I have particularly enjoyed is putting a CQ out and getting a reply from a keen SOTA chaser, with a natter about SOTA ensuing.

Well I’m about to drive from Macclesfield to Liverpool, and will call on 2m FM, so if anyone in the area fancies a chinwag about SOTA…

If this proves of interest then I’ll advise via this topic when and where I’m going to be on air from my long commutes.

Top band mobile :wink: ?

A bit out of range for 2m :grin:

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I’ll be on the road a lot this weekend for my gigs. 2m SOTA natters would be very welcome indeed.

From around 3pm to 6pm today, I’ll be QRV on 2m FM driving from Cheshire down to Solihull on the M6. I’ll put some calls out.

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On a run from Cheshire down to Kent today. I’ll be QRV from now until teatime on 2m FM from the car if anyone wants a chat about SOTA. I’ll call regularly on 145.500 MHz.

Lunch at M40 Warwick North Services @ 1228. Just M0TGT and M0VTD contacted so far. Next stop Haddington Hill, will be calling and monitoring on S20 all the way.

This was renamed to Wendover Woods about 12 years ago.

Jimmy M0HGY

The proper name is still Haddington Hill, also known as Wendover Hill. Wendover Woods are the Forestry Commission owned woodlands on the summit. Yet another of the eccentric renamings of UK SOTA summits!

Tom, after I lost you I got several short bursts from you but nothing prolonged enough to make it worthwhile calling you again.

80m mobile would likely be more fun.

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Wendover Woods is actually more accurate for my activation today. For I wasn’t on Haddington Hill, but on the adjacent Aston Hill, which is easily within the AZ.

I enjoyed my chats on 2m FM today, especially the last one as I approached the Isle of Sheppey. I worked Kevin G0PEK, SOTA/WOTA activator and father of the famous Lauren 2E0HLR - congratulations on the Intermediate!

There’s some issue with my Palm Cube. Each activation when I get it out of the bag it seems to be sending ridiculously fast, and no resetting of the low/high speeds, calibration or even full reset doesn’t change it. It sometimes starts behaving correctly after a few minutes. But not today, so I have separated all the bits in case some moisture has got in and it needs an airing.

So, it was 20m SSB today. George N1GB came straight back to the first call, but then I was struggling. I answered CQ calls from CT7AEQ and an EA9 which was nice. I tried some calls on 2m FM with the handheld but wasn’t surprised not to be answered, even though there was some activity about.

I gave the CW another try, and while it was still too fast, it was manageable, and a US station gave me my qualification.

Then a 90 mile drive onto my gig. I write this from possibly the coldest dressing room ever - brrr!

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Photos added - see above ^^^

I’m currently at Annandale Water services M74 and heading to Edinburgh. QRV on 2m FM if any GM stations want a SOTA themed chinwag.

Tomorrow’s long drive is from Macclesfield, Cheshire, to Stanford-le-Hope, and then Basildon, Essex. Via G/SP-015, G/SP-013 and G/CE-005. I’ll be QRV most of the way on 2m FM. If you’re anywhere close to the route (Stoke, Derby, Leicester, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Watford, North London), please listen for my calls, and join me for a SOTA-related chat. Hopefully catch a few chasers from the summits too!

I had a couple of QSO partners asking questions about the rules, and keen chaser Ken G0FEX amongst my mobile contacts today. Made the long drive flash by - cheers!

Three successful activations - I’ll put reports in the SOTA on Tour thread soon.

I was reversing much of your route Tom. Listened for you, but never heard you, so our timings mustn’t have coincided :frowning:

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Bet that gave you a crick in your neck :wink:

Nah. That’s what parking sensors are for :cowboy_hat_face:

I have a dicky sensor on the front offside… My German manufacturer wants £186 inc VAT for one. You need to remove the entire front spoiler to unclip it and push the new one in. Now it’s not rocket science to remove the spoiler but it’s a pain and a few hours of swearing. So I put up with intermittent sensors when it rains. Doesn’t do that much in GM does it!

Botley Hill G/SE-005 (20m FT8) today, followed by Leith Hill G/SE-002 (2m FM handheld) and Crowborough G/SE-007 (2m FM handheld).

Now waiting to go on stage at the Palace Theatre, Southend.

May I recommend the sausage rolls at the tower on G/SE-002!

SOTA natter net has been off air today with me tuned to Radio Caroline 648 MW as I drove around Essex.

It should be back on after tonight’s gig in Harlow. From around 10.30/11pm, I’ll call on S20. You never know, I might even get a reply. Maybe a late night SOTA on the way back to Cheshire!

Will be calling on 2m FM today as I drive to Lowestoft via the West Midlands. Tomorrow it’s Cambridge to Clitheroe, then Blackpool on Sunday.

Have your radios switched on and monitoring 145.500; it would be nice to have some SOTA related chats between the gigs and activations.