SOTA natter net

Approaching Norwich. So far had the pleasure of Russ M0WYB, Bob M0RHD, Brian M0SWL and Gerald G8AKL. Plus Phil G4HQB/P on Worcestershire Beacon G/WB-009. Great stuff!

How do you keep a log whilst driving, Tom?

Walt (G3NYY)

Nice QSO with Gavin M1BXF after the gig last night, driving to my overnight accommodation in Cambridge. No replies to my CQs so far this morning. Currently at services on A1 near Peterborough.

Hoping to make north Lancashire in time for an activation before today’s soundcheck.

Walt - good memory - no log.

Been quiet most of the morning but later on had QSOs with Mike G6ZBO, Peter G1OVA and Sean 2E0SFP.

Still on schedule to squeeze a summit in today - I think.

Today’s run: Aylesbury - Banbury - Birmingham - Stoke - Macclesfield - Blackpool. Radio will be on 2m FM and chats about all things SOTA most welcome.

pick a repeater with echolink or IRLP and Ill pop in

Yes I really need to clue my self up on suitable repeaters around the country for this. Or replace my mobile rig with a Fusion set so I could sit in SOTALINK on my travels.

GB3BM is IRLP but I don’t have the fist mic with me to trigger where it connects to. I’ll call on there though and maybe a monitoring home station could do it for me.

Driving down to Bognor Regis for a gig tonight. Will be calling on 2m FM simplex and checking analogue repeaters for activity. Chats about SOTA with chasers/activators particularly welcome. Return journey Saturday morning / early afternoon.

CQ 2, CQ 2, M1EYP/M…

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Have you ever thought of setting up an APRS system for the car Tom? This would then allow people to see where you are and the decide if you’re within range of their station?

The RF Way

Or use your android phone and get an app??

Just a thought

Matt G8XYJ

PS - if you have a XYL in the car, you still get to play radio and they don’t get annoyed at you for “ignoring” them on a journey!!

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Interesting idea Matt. I might give this some thought for the year on the road ahead.

Today and tomorrow I’ll be QRV up and down (well the other way round…) the M1 corridor. Some summits too.

So, RX on S20 please SOTA chasers - for SOTA QSOs - and /M chat.

Download Droid APRS for your phone and you can use that Tom!

You will need to register for an APRS Passcode from the APRS admins, but that is a dead easy job to do!

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Or ask me to generate you one.

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