SOTA Mapping Project

I have been looking at the SOTA mapping system this morning. It seems to have been significantly improved since I last looked at it. It is very fast and has lots of features.

Thanks Rob DM1CM for all your work on this system!



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Ah. I’ll have to try another browser, then. Mine crashes every time I try to access the page. :frowning:

73, Richard

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Try clearing your browser cache - cookies etc. :slight_smile:

Graham G4FUJ

Seems it does not work using IE 9 - I get:

You are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Version 9

Unfortunately, due to reasons best known only to Microsoft, this browser does
not fully support the modern, standardised technologies used by this mapping
application, some of which were originally developed by Microsoft themselves.

(That page should have links to other browsers, but those do not display properly either).

The site works ok in Firefox and Opera.

(I normally use Firefox, but just tried the others to see what happened).

Stewart G0LGS

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Works fine on Chrome. Super bit of work, thanks Rob,
73, Frank

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Doesn’t like IE8 either…
Guess maybe it is finally time for Chrome :slight_smile:

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Works well on Firefox, a nice piece of work.

Apropos, I have had to remove Chrome a couple of times - I don’t need it and it seems that some sites are downloading it surreptitiously.


Brian G8ADD

Works well and a valuable tool for the activator! Two minor requests would be smaller icons for each summit and the ability to display all the summits in an association, not just one region at a time.

Barry N1EU

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It’s one reason I haven’t used it in the past Brian. It is pushed out when updating some software packages. A practice that really annoys me! :slight_smile:
Anyway, not relevant to this thread. I shall update my copy of Firefox and use that for mapping.

Graham G4FUJ

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It works well in Safari too!

Thanks Rob, it is a really nice and useful piece of work.


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Unfortunately the virus that got through all the protection on my computer at the weekend chose Chrome to hide its many nasties.

Sorry Mr. Google but your browser has been zapped completely from my computer and is unlikely to return. I don’t blame Chrome but I needed to take revenge on something!

Meanwhile, although I use IE (for reasons that don’t need to be discussed on here) I am really hacked off by its many shortcomings; other browsers offer much better functionality including accessing the excellent SOTA Mapping facility


Barry GM4TOE

In reply to GM4TOE:Hi Barry I tried Chrome and it messed all sorts of things up .So it got the sack from me 73 Geoff

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Thanks to all who lavish fulsome praise upon these poor works - keep it up, I love it! :wink:

Seriously, it is nice to know that people find this application to be of use, and very useful also to receive feedback on functionality, bugs, feature wishes etc.

As to the elephant in the room - well, I did start some while ago to address the issue of IE compatibility, got quite some way towards solving the problem, then had to leave off to attend to another ham/web project.

However, reading these comments here today leads me to realise that there are still potentially a lot of IE users wishing to use the SOTA Mapping Project (SMP). So, I’ve bitten the bullet and have completed the earlier work - some IE users can now access the SMP. Those using IE7 or below will be strongly advised to update or change their browser and will not be able to continue. Users of IE8/9, however, will be gently advised to update/change, but may choose to continue with their browser of choice. There are still some issues, but it’s at least usable with these newer versions of IE.

Links to download other browsers now working. Those using Chrome of any hue have my sympathies - I only suffer to have it on my machine to see whether the SMP will work with it. IE users just have my sympathy…

Barry N1EU brings up a nice topic - “display all the summits in an association, not just one region at a time” - an idea that I had been toying with some while ago. The Google Maps API (the mapping “engine” behind the SMP) offers developers the option to display clusters of markers (i.e. summit icons) as distinct objects, and they are very useful for situations where very many icons would otherwise have to be loaded and displayed - bad news for slow browsers or connections. Clicking on such a cluster object could then be made to activate the display of only those icons belonging to that particular cluster. Good news for SOTA Associations with many Regions and summits. I’ll see what I can do in the next few days… As to icon size, well this is a bit subjective, but it basically depends on your screen resolution - a little research shows me that something could be done to recognise the screen resolution and choose an appropriate icon size range.



PS - just wondering if anybody has noticed the “users online” dropdown when the mouse hovers over “Online:xx” in the upper right of the SMP window? It’s been there for ages, but I don’t know if anybody has ever noticed it…

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“PS - just wondering if anybody has noticed the “users online” dropdown when the mouse hovers over “Online:xx” in the upper right of the SMP window? It’s been there for ages, but I don’t know if anybody has ever noticed it…”

Now I have noticed it!

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Thanks for the virus tip off Barry. Been using Chrome since its introduction and not had many problems (so far!). The ‘big brother is watching you’ which is endemic with Google (and others), I have decided to live with.
Did your virus software detect and eliminate your problem?

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Thanks for all the work you have put into this project. I am now using both Chrome and IE8 with no major issues.
At present we, Christine and I, are doing some long range planning of a trip to various parts of Northern Scandinavia. I wouldn’t use Google style mapping for detailed navigation on the ground, but it would be useful to be able to print out a copy of any screen view as a reminder of where the various summits etc are in relation to roads and other features so as to pin these down on more detailed topographic maps.
Any ideas as to how this might be done?
73 de Ken - GM0AXY / LA6EF

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In Windows:

Go to 'Start’
Select 'All Programs’
Select ‘Accessory’ folder
Highlight ‘Snipping tool’ and send to your desktop.
When you click the snipping tool you save the screen or any part that you choose by re-sizing. The captured image can then be saved.


Mike G6TUH

Edit update: If you look up GO6TUH on qrz you will see how I have used the snipping tool to capture images for the QSL cards.

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Hi Richard
I had forgotten about the old SHIFT-PRTSC command; it does work… as I paste the screen image into PaintShop Pro for editing and printing.
73 & HNY

I had forgotten about the old SHIFT-PRTSC command; it does work… as

Well yes in a crude sort of way :sunglasses:

Mike G6TUH