SOTA Map not working

Just got an email from Allan GW4VPX alerting me to this problem - all fixed now.


was working last night.
Trying now it’s saying

Hi Steve,
I’ve sent a direct message to Rob to see if he can sort this out - the last time it was the data load that had failed.

73 Ed.

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thanks Ed.
All being well I shall be activating this weekend, hopefully sat and sunday.
Other half of the team can’t come so I am the sole packhorse :smile:

Well, this is getting embarassing - this is happening too often. It seems that my hosting company are regularly doing something on the server at precisely the same time in the morning as the data import is scheduled. I’ll have to change the scheduled time… :confounded:

Sorry for this - all running again!


Same happening for me. The problem is that some of the scheduled operations use to happen when there was nobody doing any SOTA stuff. Now we have effectively 24/7 SOTA there is always someone doing something. I may have to schedule a 20min downtime each day when nobody can connect so that backups etc. can run uninterrupted.

It reminds me of the time when a company i worked for wanted a DOS-based real-time employee-time-and-attendance system which could never have a down-time. There was just the tiny problem of when to schedule a backup (which required that nobody use the program during the backup period) in a firm working 24/7. Crashes in the system at the backup time didn’t happen too often, but when they did, I had to hide under the desk for a few days until tempers cooled. Could never happen these days, of course… :expressionless:

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Thanks Rob - just confirming all fine from my side now.

73 Ed.

Yeah 24/7 systems running DOS - in those days I don’t think so … Although today with clustered Virtual machines and under the bonnet hidden backups, it is possible, even when running DOS - or even Windoze! By the way my upgrade to Windows 10 went so well, I’m shocked!

Well, it is logical - if it never has downtime, a backup will never be needed :smiley:

thanks for fixing it :smile:

BTW, while you are ‘here’ I did want to say what a good tool that is. very nicely done.

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Isn’t there a “safe” update sequence with atomic commit? At worst we might expect this kind of interruption to lead to a missed update, not a situation in which you have neither the new data nor the old.

Why do you need downtime? MSSQL supports online backups which are guaranteed to be point-in-time consistent.

You’re absolutely right, and I’m actually in the process of rewriting the import algorithm, which has not changed since I first wrote it a couple of years back when I started to write the first test versions of the SMP. It ran OK for a long while, so it was a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Well, that evidently no longer applies… :thumbsdown:

New problem: now it hangs at “Loading map, please wait …”.

The map is so great my SOTA activity is now entirely dependent on it :). A big thanks to all the people involved !

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“It never rains but it pours” (or is that “pores” or “pause” or “paws”?) - this time the problem seems to be a file association problem. Everything looks in order, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until I can manage to get home at about 15:00 UTC today to fix this…

Sorry for the continuing saga - it can only get better!


OK, I was right - it was a file-link problem. Fixed now…



Sorry Rob ! A new problem, when I select any association or region I get the following pop-up:

After pressing OK, however, everything still seems to work (however the screen showing the location of the different regions within the association is not displayed).


Another linked file problem… But, hey: the pop-ups come free with the product!

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That’s a typical mistake of those ingenuous (or was it ingenious ?) software developers. By giving problem dialogs names like “ReferenceError” everybody is able to spot an error in the software and can raise his finger.
If the problem dialogs would instead be given names like “Add-on information, only accessible to premium accounts” nobody will complain, as he would be in fear to be charged for the extra costs for using this premium account feature. :smile:

73 Stephan, DM1LE

PS: Today recovering from slightly sore palms, caused by yesterdays brachiating along this extra long radial along the Taja-Kante (up to OE/TI-618) :wink:

Stephan, you’re giving me ideas there… :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :european_castle: :sunrise_over_mountains: :sunglasses: :cocktail: :cocktail: :cocktail: