SOTA Map not working

I was trying to plan my next week SOTA activations near Friedrichshafen in DL, but the SOTA map seems to not co-operate. Maybe someone will fix it. Tnx!

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I have sent Rob an email and hopefully we can get our SOTAmaps fix soon!

73, pat - KI4SVM

Working OK here.


Hi Friends
Doesn’t work here :wink:
73 Roger

Try selecting a different region or association Mike and you’ll see the problem.

In the interim, remember the summits info page has links to Open Street maps, Google Maps and Google Earth.

73 Ed.

Sorin, In case it helps, until SOTA maps is back, the closest summits to Friedrichshafen are DM/BM-348, 349 & 350.


Tnx Ed, I’ve worked them all last year. Now I will move to the west end of the lake.

Understood. I’m planning to cross the lake and activate one or two Swiss summits.


Just got in here and noticed this, thanks. I’m on it…

OK, fixed it. The import of summits from SOTA was interrupted this morning briefly by a server dropout (07:02 to 07:18 UTC). Just ran the import again, and all is back to where it should be. Hopefully…



Looks good again - thanks Rob

73 Ed.

Yeap! Everything works as it should. Case closed. Tnx a lot Rob!
My activations will be posted on Alert’s page for Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25.
73 de DL/YO2MSB/P

Is it me or is the mapping broken again?

Hi Rod, I’m seeing the same problems again. Rob - has the download “hic-cupped” again perhaps?

73 Ed DD5LP

Not working here either :unamused:


Victor GI4ONL


Yes, sorry to all for this break in service - same dropout on the server again this morning, same time, same duration - I reckon they’ve got the thing rigged up to an alarm clock.

Anyway, fixed again. I really should get my system to send an email or SMS when this sort of thing happens…


thanks for fixing so quickly Rob - much appreciated.


Many thanks for this very useful tool.


Again, same problem …

Not working here either
de W1DMH