SOTA LD Weekend, Spring 2024

I’d like to propose the weekend of Sat 18th and Sun 19th May 2024 for the Spring SOTA LD Weekend. I’ve ruled out The Fred Whitton, Great North Swim and Lap - they are not on this weekend.


18th/19th May is one of the largest 2m contests in IARU region1. Sorry wont be there on those days.

Interesting that the WA7BNM Contest Calendar: 12-Month Calendar doesn’t have that listed. There are only a couple of RSGB contests in there.

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'coz they’re all HF contests on that site!

@M0NOM Whether your proposed dates or close by, fortunately I’ll be back in the UK and very interested in attending another G/LD event.

This retirement’s hard work. :wink: I think I’m already booked for this w/e (tbc). Might be able to chase from another region.

Have fun

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Thanks Mark again for organising. Too early yet to confirm but likely I’ll be there. How was the hill today - very cold on Burnhope Seat!

Thank you for organising again, it’s the Keswick Mountain Festival weekend so the Borrowdale Valley will be busy. Unfortunately I’m working all weekend at the festival, but on comms so I might be able to chase.

Ok, sounds like I need to make another suggestion, thought I’d checked that, so don’t book anything I’ll come up with an alternative date. No point in competing with others for accommodation but finding a free date is a pita!