SOTA LD Weekend, Spring 2024

Hi Mark, thanks for organising this event, as usual I am sorry Elaine and I won’t be able to make again this year, but we will be very keen chasers from a High spot in the comfort of our SOTA Mobile " Norah"

I haven’t seen any alerts up on Sotawatch, I am hoping to have all bands covered inc 2M & 70cms, But can I ask is anyone going up with 5MHz as I don’t have many 60M Chaser contacts in my logs?

Good luck to all and hope to get a good few of you in my log



Evening all, and thanks for getting this thread started again.

The format for this year is the same, but the meeting point/food venue has changed to the Elleray (which is on the main street just as you come down from the train station), it’s the pub before the Crafty Bar as you descend into Windermere.

We can meet for a drink on Friday evening for those that are up for it, normally from around 6pm onwards for the keen.

On Saturday we normally meet for food around 7pm. I don’t know whether I will be able to secure a table for everyone but if you can PM me if you intend to eat I’ll let them know about numbers and see what they can sort out.

I’ve started the conversation with the weather Gods, but they are fickle bunch, just warning.

Regards, Mark.


Count me in Mark. I’ve spotted for St Sunday Crag - one I’ve not activated yet



I’ve stayed there. Nice hotel, nice meals, nice breakfasts too.

Sorry can’t make it this year but maybe I’ll be able to get on to a Southern GM summit for some 2m FM action.


Thanks Mark count me in for a beer on the Friday evening and food on the Saturday.

I’ll decide summits nearer the time dependant on weather etc. All being well I will try to include 60m and 10m plus other bands to get the S2S and keep the chasers happy :wink:


Hi Mark,

I’ll be there. I’m camping (well, caravanning) 15 minutes outside of Windermere town (Skelworth Fold) and plan to activate Stoney Cove Pike this year (G/LD-018). I will be at The Elleray with my Sister and Dad, so please book me 3 seats (if they are able to sort something out for us).

Can you confirm if The Elleray is dog-friendly? If so, they will be another 8 paws to contend with, little and large;

The grayhound is too lazy to climb mountains, but Bruno the cockerpoo will come if the weather is reasonable…




Hi Dave, they are, yes.



Sorry Mark - I’m going to struggle. It is possible I might get a summit done, but I have a busy weekend so I won’t make the pub. 73. Paul

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I also have a small list of LD Summits that I have not chased yet, 12 left to complete :crossed_fingers:

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I can’t find availability at a campsite near the venue so I may be on the air but not at the meal :frowning:

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Count me in for Saturday evening Mark.

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I might be able to make a day trip on Sunday 23rd only. I’ll put it in my diary and decide based on WX… it’s a long way to go for a wet walk :grinning:


It can be a long wait for a dry one! :wink:


Which ones Tony? I haven’t made any plans yet


Hi Andy,


apart from 19 & 21, the rest are lower asl, so that maybe the reason I have not got them yet?

Thank you for asking, I will be chasing from somewhere in the Forest of Bowland on the Saturday

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057 needs permission so is a bit more complicated to activate. I won’t be repeating it I’m afraid (it wasn’t that inspiring!). I’ll see what the weather’s like and try to include one from your list


Just making the list a bit easier to scan:

  • G/LD-019
  • G/LD-021
  • G/LD-031
  • G/LD-033
  • G/LD-038
  • G/LD-042
  • G/LD-043
  • G/LD-044
  • G/LD-052
  • G/LD-053
  • G/LD-054
  • G/LD-057

Thanks Andy,much appreciated

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What a pity, I activated Hallin Fell at lunch time.

I walk my dogs at Hutton Roof Crags most weeks (it’s only 18 minutes drive to the parking. If you PM me, we could agree a time for me to activate it (again).


I’m hoping to come for the Saturday activating and evening meal @M0NOM Mark, all being well :+1:

73, Ben