SOTA LD Weekend, 7th/8th October 2023


Probably a bit late, but the plan is to hold the Autumn SOTA Lake District Weekend on October 7th-8th.

Regards, Mark.


:cry: Sorry but I’ll be watching the rugby World Cup (I suspect it might be one of England’s last matches in this tournament :sob:)

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I will be in the area for this!!


Just booked RSGB Convention for the following weekend, not sure if I’ll get my pass stamped for LD weekend too. Will have to see.

73, Colin

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Unfortunately I’ll be away in Germany, but might be able to find a local summit and work some S2S back to the UK

73 Andrew M0TRI

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Penciled in on the wall chart

Work is going to be mental in October, but I’ll try to make it if I can! Will there be a meet in the Brookside Inn again? Or somewhere else?



Sorry will be on my way to somewhere warm and sunny. :disappointed:


Colin’s response prompted me to make a decision, and this year it is going to be the convention but it is possible I might get out in NP on the Saturday morning.

  1. Paul

I’ll be there Mark - pass has been issued. . It’ll be the last big activation for me this year, before I have the arthritis operation I’ve been waiting 3 years for.



Saturday evening at the Brookside as usual.

I might manage the Saturday and maybe Friday.

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Pencilled in Mark. Need domestic approval chit

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me and the dog have pas out for that weak end


This event is less than two weeks away. Anyone else thinking or planning to come to the LD as activators?

Not planning to be there on the Autumn LD weekend, but I will be over for one day only on either the 4th,5th or 6th October with some friends walking over Skiddaw G/LD-004 and a few of the nearby Wainwrights on the way to the main summit. I will only be carrying a handheld and an RH770 whip and my lunch.

73 Phil G4OBK


Sorry will be CT7 bound…

Sorry, Andy,
I will only arrive in the (northern) Lake District late on the 9th.

Good luck with the event.

73 Ed DD5LP / G8GLM

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A winning combination.


It’s on a knife edge for me. The weekend is free, but I might have to work all day on the Friday, making traveling up to the Lakes from London a big ask on Friday night.

Won’t know until the Friday…

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