SOTA LD Weekend 2021 - Saturday Evening

I’ve just heard from the Brookside Inn: NO FOOD AVAILABLE - they are experiencing staff shortages, so it is drinks only unfortunately.

I’ll try and think of somewhere else, otherwise there are takeaways available in Windermere which is only a 5 minute walk.

So please assume you will need to feed yourself before/during/after the pub evening. If I can find somewhere I will let you know on this thread.

Regards, Mark.

Shame, I had a rather nice steak there last time. My hotel does food so I should be able to eat there and then it’s a 10 min walk to The Brookside.

There is one other obvious venue to try, they open at 12pm so I’ll check then and let folk know.

Regards, Mark.

That’s certainly my anecdotal experience with catering and hospitality places in this area. One young fella serving us at a local garden centre cafe said he’s working 60h/week because they can’t recruit the staff.

An expert [my wife] tells me it’s a combination of the Brexit Effect [loss of EU workers in the UK] and the Lockdown Effect [young people no longer willing to do split shifts for low pay].


My other option hasn’t panned out, so it looks like it is going to be drinks only at the Brookside Inn
I’m happy to provide recommendations for other places that do food - you are more likely to get in places with less numbers and I was trying to keep the food option within walking distance of Windermere

I will be in the Brookside from 7pm onwards. I’ll be there till at least 10pm :wink:

Regards, Mark.


Thanks for trying Mark. I have just confirmed I can dine at my hotel tomorrow. Shame we can’t dine together but at least we can meet up .

I will be perched on Cross Fell G/NP-001 Sat from 0930GMT

David G0EVV


Pity, but thanks for telling us Mark

I’ll still be there, probably at about 7 pm for a pint. :). We did of a drive through the LD today and saw several signs advertising for staff needed at pubs and hotels.

Mark what is DV after the frequency please for example this afternoon 438.2675 DV

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Digital Voice, could be C4FM like I was using today, or one of the other digital Voice modes.

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ok Thanks I didn’t think it was allowed in SOTA but obviously I’m wrong which is usual for me lol
Best 73

@M0NOM Am I in the right place with The Brookside on lake road?

My only confusion comes from the smoking grill in the beer garden.

Scratch that I found the picture in the other thread I am in the right place.

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Just having some nosh… I’ll be along shortly. Do you know it’s a mandatory Ofcom rule that people sporting anew callsign have to buy the beer?


Thanks for putting on the LD SOTA day. From Aran Fawddwy, GW/NW-007, I had S2S with LD-001, LD-003 and LD-018. I hope you get/got your well-deserved beers. I was back in Wolverhampton today by 6.30pm UTC to enjoy a few beers out of the fridge and watch railway train DVDs with my son.
Alastair, M0TYM


Thanks to everyone who joined us this evening, and especially for John G3WGV joining us and his wonderful speech on the foundations of SOTA.


And here is John speaking. :slight_smile:


Thanks for S2S. I heard a few Welsh stations but you were the only one I worked on 2m. 13cms however was great as I managed a QSO with Adrian GW4AZS on Corndon Hill GW/MW-013 58 both ways for a new DXCC on 13.


You surely knew that DV was allowed in SOTA Allen? I’m sure you’ve worked me when I’ve activated on C4FM.

Pretty slim pickings for G/LD C4FM contacts this weekend. Yesterday (Saturday) I spotted for C4FM and called CQ for ages but got nowt [and for my efforts my iPhone, HT and logbook got ‘spotted’ in a heavy rain shower]. Got one C4FM today and almost a second one but the other activator’s HT received C4FM okay but switched to FM when he tx’d.

A similar story for 2m SSB & CW and even 70cm FM.