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SOTA LD Weekend 2021 - Saturday Evening

I saw your spot and listened for you from GW/MW-013, but heard nothing. FT70D with ladderline Jpole on 5m pole - I didn’t try 2m SSB or CW as the FT817 was tied up with the 13cm transverter ready to pounce if the opportunity arose. Which it did :o)

I managed S2S with Andy M0FMF and Stuart G1ZAR on 13cm SSB, and with Dave M0JKS on 4m FM, plus a few more on 2m FM. 2m was really busy, though, so I’m sure I missed out on a lot more!

Thanks for all the contacts,

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Thanks for trying, Adrian. Most GW/NW summits would have been no problem but maybe GW/MW a bit of a stretch with only my 5W to a J-pole.

Well done. I met Andy walking down Gummers How as I was walking up it, and he told me about his success with 13cm.

John mentioned the continuing growth of the program, specifically number of accounts and number of summits. I said we see on average about 35 account creations a week. It was a busy weekend (not over yet). So far since 0000Z 11-sep there have 18 unique sign-ups and 1 YB station who loves SOTA so much he created 2 accounts to go with 7 he created last week. I’m still just about able to delete them faster than he can create them :slight_smile:


It was great to get you S2S Adrian from G/LD-030, I must admit when I first clocked the GW4 and the summit to summit, I started filling out the log as GW/NW-0 for your summit reference, I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out you where on GW/MW-013. The furthest contact of the day for me on 2m at 117.68 miles.

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Hi Mark,

So who are the gentlemen and the lady in this photo? I do not recognise their faces (except Andy MM0FMF), but I am sure there must be some familiar call signs lined up.

73 Heinz

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Left to right standing:
Andy G6PJZ, Mary (XYL M0WiV), John M0WIV, Colin M1BUU, Paul G4IPB, Andy MM0FMF, John G3WGV, Andy G8CPZ, Geoff GM4WHA, Karl M0WKG, Mark M0NOM, ???.
Sitting Shane G6WBS


Looking at the photo it reminds me of football players lining up to defend a free kick. :slight_smile:


To be honest Tom I can’t remember.
Hope your cruising is going well for you.
Best 73

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A great evening. Good to meet you all. (It’s always fascinating to see who you can recognise ‘in the flesh’ from their pictures on here or QRZ!) :grinning:

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