SOTA Dinner - Ham Radio 2024 Friedrichshafen

Dear SOTA Community,

since we are currently planning the SOTA activities for the HAM Radio 2024 in Friedrichshafen, the SOTA dinner is of course a very important part of it.

I pre-announced us at the same restaurant where the dinner took place last year for Friday, June 28, 2024
Gasthof Adler
Kornstraße 1
88094 Oberteuringen

I’d like to notify them about the number of participants in early June, so please feel free to notify me in the reflector or via email if you’d like to participate.

Vy 73 Jens, HB9EKO


2 participants for the Friday dinner: F5ODQ and F4WBN
Thank you.


Please, 2 participants for the Friday dinner: OE5JKL und xyl Susanne
mni tnx - Karl

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Hi Jens,
Thanks for arranging again. I need to see what other commitments I have on Friday evening - so I’ll only be able to let you know later - sorry.

By the way, anyone going to HRFN 2024 and looking for reasonably priced hotel rooms, should get a booking now as a lot of the more economical Friedrichshafen hotels already seem to be booked out. I suspect many people book their rooms for the following year as they leave the previous year.
I managed yesterday to book the last room in one of the middle-priced hotels. Similar rooms in other hotels in the area were 2 or even 3 times more expensive!

73 Ed DD5LP.


Of course we will be there and are already looking forward to meeting many of you. 73
Jean Pierre and Anita

Hi Jens, thanks for organizing, I plan to be there ! C U !

73 andy DL2DVE


Hi Jens,
please note Luc ON7DQ + YL Karine, who will actually have changed status to “XYL” by that time :wink:



Thanks for organizing again what was the high-light of last years visit to Friedrichshafen!

Count me in, I am looking forward to see you all again!

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

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Hello Luc @ON7DQ. That’s great news :slight_smile: All the best to you! :four_leaf_clover:

Jens @HB9EKO, as I have never been to a SOTA dinner before, I would like to be there this year. You are welcome to plan me in.

Many thanks for the planning and all the arrangements.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Thanks for organizing this fabulous event again this year … I will be there (one person), looking forward to meeting you all again.

73 Martin

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I,too, hope to attend my first SOTA dinner. Please reserfve two seats: HB9DST Paul and YU1CA Aca. tnx, 73

Great! I’m in!
Look forward to seeing you all again!

73, Sylvia


Hi Jens, myself and Phil G4OBK would like to attend the dinner.


Victor GI4ONL

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Many thanks for the organization. Martin DL1MP and I are also happy to take part. 73, Peter

OK, I’ve checked and I’m clear Friday evening - please add me to the list for the SOTA Dinner Jens

bis dann 73 Ed.

Hallo melde Mich für den SOTA Dinner an, Danke & 73



OK for the dinner. I also expect to participate to the SOTA booth, as last year, if the SOTA organisation is ok.

73 de Pierre F5MOG

Hello,sign me up for the dinner.
As last year if i could bum a ride with someone from the Messe and back that would be awesome.

73 Karlo

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Please count me in for the SOTA dinner, with the usual (global) disclaimers: God willing and the creek or river doesn’t rise

(mit den üblichen (globalen) Haftungsausschlüssen: So Gott will und der Bach oder Fluss nicht ansteigt)

73 de Sevim, WB8BHN

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Hello Jens,

thanks for information and invitation.

Like last year we both, Ulli DC1UH and Ludwig DH8WN.

73, Ludwig

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