"SOTA Day" Events & Dinner at HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen 2017

I have put in a booking for 10 people at the Wirtshaus am Gehrenberg in Markdorf, near to the SOTA summit Gehrenberg.
I have made it 7pm, so those not activating the summit have time to get out to the restaurant and it should not be too late for the drive back to your accomodation.

I’ve also placed an Alert for the DM/BW-348 for 1630 Local (1430 UTC) onwards. It’s no more than 15 minutes from the parking spot for the summit to the restaurant.

All we need now is some nice weather!



Hello Ed,

could you add me to the dinner, please?

73 de Robert

Noted Robert, no problems. I have reserved for “10 - 15” people so I think that will be enough, but I’ll check with all in June to make sure we have enough places.

Everyone is very welcome to join in an actvation on Gehrenberg, about 5 minutes from the restaurant from about 16:30 if they want.

This all makes a rather nice combined SOTA event -

"SOTA day at HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen"

SOTA Meet-up at QSL wall from 12 noon
SOTA Seminars from 14:00 - 15:45 in Konferenz-Zentrum West, Raum Österreich
SOTA Activation of DM/BW-348 GehrenBerg - 16:30 - 18:30 (approx)
SOTA Dinner at “Wirthaus am Gehrenberg” in Markdorf - 19:00 onwards.

A plan for possibly being at this event is forming! Keep me on your “mailing list” please. I don’t think I will know for sure until early June.

OK, definitely coming now. Need to sort tickets for the rally and my wife and I will stay in our motorhome.

Sue will do “something else” on the day I am in the rally itself.

Also plan to attend the dinner - both Sue and I will come.

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Any update on the plans for HAMRADIO 2017? Will there be the usual SOTA talks etc?


All details are here http://reflector.sota.org.uk/t/ham-radio-2017/14945


Richard from SOTABeams has very kindly donated a WSPRLite to be awarded to the person with the most impressive / different SOTA attire attending the SOTA Dinner at the Wirstshaus am Gehrenberg on Saturday July 15th. So bring and wear any visible item of clothing that indicates you are taking part in the SOTA “addiction” and all people present will vote to chose which one is best.

I will be taking some photos that will be published of the winner.

So who’s going to attend the dinner … So far I only have 6 confirmed attendees and I have booked 15 places so there’s room for a lot more.


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