"SOTA Day" Events & Dinner at HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen 2017

Jürg HB9BIN has asked if I will be arranging a dinner at HAM RADIO 2017, as I will be there, I will indeed arrange the dinner again this year.

Please note the change of date, HAM RADIO is in July rather than June this year - specifically July 14th. - 16th.

Last year I organised the meal on the Friday evening, which some were unable to attend. I made it Friday as it was difficult to get a table on the Saturday evening. Perhaps we should have it on Saturday this year?

Those wishing to attend the dinner (you pay your own meals and drinks etc.) can you please pick three options from the survey below and I’ll then make the table reservation at the start of March, at which time I expect no problems (hopefully) in getting a table.

  • I would prefer Friday evening
  • I would prefer Saturday evening
  • I have no preference between Friday and Saturday
  • The S’Wirthaus am See on the lakefront that we used last year will be fine
  • I will send you a private message with an alternative restaurant that would be better
  • Meeting at 20:00 as last year is fine
  • I cannot make 20:00 - I will send you a private message with when I can be there

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Please see my later post at: "SOTA Day" Events & Dinner at HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen 2017 - #7 by DJ5AV
how about a country location for a meal after a late afternoon activation of Gehrenberg SOTA summit DM/BW-348??

Dear Ed
It is a good idea! Tks for the organisationI will join the meeting this year!
73 de HB9BIN, Jürg (George)


Only 4 people have responded to the survey so far (including myself), is this an indication that there is less interest in meeting for a SOTA Dinner at Friedrichshafen this year? If so, with such low numbers I wont need to reserve a table.


Update: Brian has kindly pinned this thread, so I hope more people will now see it and vote in the Survey - if you don’t want to vote, you can of course just add your name as a reply that you’d like to attend as a reply to the thread.

Dear Ed,
I think most of the interested persons simply have not discovered this thread, yet.
I have booked my accomodation for the Ham Radio last week and wondered, whether there will be a SOTA dinner, again. I had completely missed this thread!

Perhaps a short note in the Bergfunk QTC of the Funkamateur magazine could draw attention to this thread? The April issue will be published on 29.3. and the editoral deadline is 9.3. - so just enought time to drop the editor DL2HSC a note. What do you think about it, Ed?

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Having just searched for a reasonably priced bed and breakfast room near Friedrichshafen, I can tell those intending to go in July that you should get your bookings completed ASAP as I had difficulty finding somewhere close to FN at a reasonable price.

Hotel rooms however appear to still be avilable at a range of prices. It’s the very economic bed and breakfast rooms and apartments that appear to already be in short demand!

73 Ed.

I live some 30 km from Messe Friedrichshafen. Surely there are still rooms here
but you should know the route to HAMRADIO fair: Not via Markdorf / Bermatingen, not close to the Lake, but via Urnau and Fuchstobel, Oberteuringen, Berg, Hirschlatt.
I will be mostly engaged at ARRL-Desk and hope to go to Friedrichshafen
by motor scooter.
Cu there or on SOTA
Mike. dj5av

Agreed for those with transport there are still rooms further out from the centre. I found a room in Bermatingen about 10 minutes drive from DM/BW-348 Gehrenberg, the closest SOTA summit to Friedrichshafen.

Actually, I got the last room in the “gasthaus” that I chose, so I was surprised that they are already booked up but as HAM RADIO is a month later this year, it is nearer to the main summer holiday season.

Here’s an idea - how about a late afternoon group activation of Gehrenberg on Saturday and then on to a local country restaurant for the SOTA dinner ?? It would be interesting to see the different propagation early evening. Gehrenberg is an easy access summit. A little walking up forest tracks but no climbing and in July it will still be light in any case.


THOUGHTS Everyone ??


EDIT: Perhaps even the “Gasthaus am Gehrenberg” (down the KK7750 road from the summit on the outskirts of Markdorf) - it has several good reviews.

SOTABEAMS is willing to provide a WSPRlite as a prize for the best SOTA inspired hat at the dinner if you wish?

Yukk ! - Spätzle :frowning:

Are you coming Steve? I’m sure we can arrange a different vegatable choice for you.

Thanks Richard,
Nice idea - lets see how many people intend coming to the dinner, at the moment the response has not been overwhelming - I think a lot of people are unable to commit so far ahead, unfortunately if I need to book a restaurant in the middle of the town, I need to book it sooner rather than later.


Here’s my “one-off” SOTA cap in any case…

There is only one dish with Spätzle on the menu so you should be ok :grin:

We are also planning to come but can’t make a committment…

73, Sylvia

Hi Ed, although I will be in DL at the time, I probably won’t get down to Fried. I will be in Bamberg to visit the Annafest in Forcheim which will involve beer.

I would like to attend, but I need to convince my family to come and make a tour across F, up to HB and finally arrive to DL in the area of FH by mid July.
It’s still too early for me to say, but I’ll let you know as soon as I can, although I have no idea of when this will be, neither if it will be.
I hope to be able to give you some good news and I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed.


OK, it seems that most people are unable to commit as to whether they will be able to attend the meal at the moment.
So far only 9 people (including myself) have completed the survey.

Personally, I like the idea of combining the meal with an activation of Gehrenberg, so I will follow that route (different thread on this reflector) and see if I can quantify how many people would be interested in that approach. Of course there is no problem with people not activating and joining the meal later - this way we have two options.


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Hi Ed
Not the quantity of the people counts. It is the quality!
See you at the dinner even if we are only four!
73 de HB9BIN, Jürg

Hi Ed,
I will be there with my yl, also for afternoon activation.

73 de iw2obx Roberto

Hi Roberto,
Thanks for your response, I think combining the possibilty of an activation with the dinner is a positive action but it will mean that the restaurant that I will use will be out in the countryside, not far from the summit), so transport will be needed. Perhaps those without their own cars can pool with others?


Ok Ed, I have three free seats. We can organize ourself in private, I didn’t book a room, if possible I’m looking for it near the restorant or your hotel or summit.

73 de iw2obx Roberto