A new version of my SOTA CSV Log Editor has been made available at G0LGS: Software Information

Users of older versions should be able to Select ‘Help’ → ‘About’ and click ‘Check for Update’ and then allow the program to update.

Stewart G0LGS

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I have tried to update. The dialog box pops up saying to close the program, when I click OK the box pops back up. When I click NO there is no update loaded. If I click the X (close) there is no update loaded. If exit the program or click the program X (close) the popup box remains and no update preformed. Can any one tell me how to update it. I check the folder file and i don’t find it. Help.
Jeff, K6QCB

When the message appears that update has been downloaded you need to close SOTA CSV Editor and then click the OK button, after a few moments you should see things happening and once that is complete the updater will ask if you want to restart the editor.

If that doesn’t work then close the program and in the folder you have the program installed you should see a file called ‘’ (with very recent time stamp) just extract the files from that into the same folder.

If that doesn’t work then simply download the ZIP file manually from my site and extract that into the installed folder (it’s the same file just using a different name).

Stewart G0LGS

Hmmm, I have another problem. Avast is reporting “suspicious item”. Virus Win32:Evo-gen [Susp]

Probably a false positive, but I’m not taking any chances.


Gets a couple of hits here too.

Sooo version is CLEAN but my DrWeb (last database 2015/01/24 19:41) send report Trojan.DownLoader11.40646 …grrr…
Hmmm…VirusTotal ???

Unfortunately it is not unheard of for several AV products to report a number of programs written using the programming tool (Auto-IT) that I have used for SOTA CSV Editor as Malware, this is at least in part because some Malware is created with the same tool.

I suspect you will find that as they revise their signatures that it will not longer flag up as a problem.

After a few tests on different versions of my program (and another created using the same tool) I believe that all these matches are false positives.

Stewart G0LGS

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Having not used VirusTotal before and certainly not many of the AV products it uses, I have to say I am NOT very impressed.

Even a test using a one-line ‘Hello World’ script compiled with Auto-It flags up as suspicious:

Since my last update in January and the reports of the suspect Malware issues, I have spent a considerable amount of my time when in the shack, doing a complete re-write of my SOTA CSV Editor - whilst is is not yet totally finished I do believe that it is functional enough to make it available for anyone that wants to try it.

This version does NOT have all of the features that the previous version had and some of those features may never appear in this new version.

The new version does come with a proper Windows Installer / Uninstaller and will allow the location used for the SOTA Logs and the Database files to be moved away from the Windows “Program Files” folders (the default is a ‘SOTA Logs’ folder inside ‘My Documents’).

The new version is currently only available directly from my web site at the URL:

Stewart G0LGS

Hi Stewart,
I’ve not used your editor before so installed the new Beta version V1.2.0.0. Thanks for developing it.
There were no virus alerts. Configured it and started entering my latest activation log. All was well except the date and time entered was being altered. 10 hours was subtracted from each entry in the log date/time displayed, and also in the CSV file saved. Why does it change the UTC time I’m entering to some random timezone? How can that be prevented? For reference, my computer locale is set for UTC+11.

Cheers, Gerard - VK2IO

Hi Stewart, Does this mean you have switched to a different programming language? If so is there a chance that the application might now run on other platforms than Windows?

Colin G8TMV

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I run Virtualbox on Windows or Linux machines so I can run the “other” OS on them. That way you can run all the software on any machine. Life’s too short to worry about picking the best OS. Run them all on all the hardware. Simples.

Virtualization is perfect if you have the CPU power and enough memory …and the Operating Systems licences.

I use an old lightweight portable PC during some activations running a free Operating System and I would also be interested if SOTA CSV Editor would run under Wine, for example. N1MM is a bit over-killed for my use, and I have not managed yet to run it on that machine despite it can reportedly be done.

It’s really only memory that is the big hurdle. I have an ancient laptop with a Core2Duo CPU. With 4GB fitted it runs 32bit Mint fine and Win XP under Virtualbox with a 1GB memory limit. Performance of XP under virtualisation is fine, it’s not a speed demon but the basic machine isn’t fast anyway. Certainly it will be an issue if you have limited memory to start with.

Maybe the rewritten version works better with Wine?

I am completely out of touch with logging apps for phones and tablets so maybe there is a killer app there? Or a market niche waiting to be filled?

But this thread is about the SOTA CSV Editor, and I confirm I would be interested to run it under Linux (Wine) as it does everything I need except that :wink:


As long as your PC is set to the correct local Timezone the program should have been be using UTC time (just as the previous version did).

However having just configured a Virtual Machine to a different time zone I have found a problem - I will work on resolving that.

Clock in the Status Bar should show the UTC time if not then something on your setup would seem to be confusing it.

It was working here correctly last week before the change of UK clocks and is working correctly now after they changed on Sunday morning.

Stewart G0LGS


This latest version is written in C - using MinGW with GNU C and the CodeBlocks IDE , but I have no intention of trying to get it to compile for other OS’s.

Stewart G0LGS

Good man!
If you’d have said you were using Eclipse IDE I’d have had to come and give you a big slap! :smile:

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A nice toolset, what are you using for the program graphical interface? It would be nice if you made the project open source so that others can help develop it and maybe port it to other OSs.


Hello Stewart,

For logging during activations, your program is just what is needed.

I just tried your latest version of “SOTA CSV Editor” under Linux/Wine. It appears to work, except the generation of the summits database (csv downloaded, but .mdb not created). This issue can probably be resolved, but if not, this would not be blocking at all.

I understand you do not intend to compile your code on multiple platforms, but is you are willing to make your program available to Linux users as a Windows binary running in emulated mode, I am prepared to use it and to give you feed-back. I guess some other readers would be prepared to do the same :wink:

Just let me (us) know.


I am not using QT or any other similar additions - just Windows API.

Until I started this version of the project in late January I’d not really done any significant C programming since I used Borland C for something I did in may spare time at the office back in 1993.

Stewart G0LGS