SOTA and birthday celebration on 60m - 5354 KHz

It’s my birthday today and I’m going to celebrate it with a SOTA activation on 60m on the frequency 5354 KHz. This will be my very first activation on 60m band and the operating frequency will be 5354 KHz not only because it’s the common frequency for WRC15 and the UK channels but also because 53 and 54 have a special meanning in this celebration. Today, I end being 53 years old and start being 54. 53–>54, 5354 KHz :wink: :blush:
I’m not sure yet I’ll be able to make it today, but in case I can’t, it will surely be tomorrow.
An alert will be raised as soon as I know it for sure.



Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Guru.
Unfortunately 60m is not allowed in Austria, but we hope to meet you on one of the other frequencies in future.

Peter & Sylvia


Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Guru,still a young man.enjoy your day.73 Don. G0RQL.

Happy birthday Guru!

I keep meaning to make an antenna for 60m but for some reason I never do it! 60m would have been useful for my activation today, it seemed that bands higher than 40m were simply not working.

Good luck with the activation.


Happy Birthday Guru. Sorry I wasn’t in the shack when you were on 60m.

73 Ed.

Happy Birthday Guru, I hope you SOTA activation went well on 60m.

Jimmy M0HGY

Thanks very much.
I finally couldn’t activate today, but I’ll hopefully make it tomorrow.
I need to find some time to prepare the expedition (GPS track, etc)
I hope to be able to raise an alert before the end of the day.


Happy Birthday, Guru.
It’s always fine to work you on a SOTA summit.

Best wishes for your celebration, have fun !


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Happy birthday, hope your activation went well

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Happy birthday Guru. You have moved further ahead of me but you have caught up with my XYL!

Great to work you today from my SOTA!

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Well, this is the target for my activation tomorrow morning. The plan is to start the hike at 7h30 utc, so I guess I should be ready to CQ by 09h30 utc or so.

As announced, I will activate on 60m 5354 KHz hopefully but not only. I’ll surely work 30m and perhaps 40, 20… depending on the available time, as I’d like to be back home in time for lunch with my family.
Hope to copy you all tomorrow from EA2/NV-051.


Happy birthday Guru! Good luck tomorrow.

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Happy Birthday, Guru.
Best 73
André f5ukl

Happy birthday, Guru!

Here, we do not dare to climb in snow and minus temperatures!!! Good luck!
Hope to be at QTH today.

73, Christos.

Guru, nice idea!
5354.0 kHz is on the lower edge of a UK 60m sub-band so no problem to work you USB from here on your birthday. But you will have to age a few months more (say 5354.2 kHz) before we can work you on CW.

At my age I’m already ‘higher frequency’ than the top end of 60m band.
73 Andy

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Happy Birdhday Guru,
I will qrv not before 1130 utc, I hope to contact you in 60mt s2s!

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Thanks everybody for your messages.
You can see how the activation-celebration went here: