SOTA Activator Jack Haefner, NG2E wins FMH Portable Operations Challenge 2021 from SOTA summit.

The Fox Mike Hotel Portable Operations Challenge 2021 took place on September 4th and 5th and the overall winner showed what can be done from a great portable location and using very low power. With just six contacts and running at one-watt CW on twenty metres, Jack Haefner NG2E took out the top spot with a grand total of 615,924 points. Of his six contacts five were from all around the US plus one went all the way from his Hogback Mountain SOTA summit W4V/SH-007 in Virginia to French SOTA chaser Christian F4WBN who lives in URCUIT near the French/Spanish border. All contacts took place within 32 minutes of operating, in session two of the contest.

The most efficient contact measured in kilometres per watt used was that same Virginia - France contact with 6,340 kilometres per watt achieved.

So, this year both the overall winner and the furthest km/watt contact title go to one person - Jack Haefner NG2E. WELL DONE Jack!

The number of entrants was a little disappointing. There were only eighteen, far more had been hoped for in this, the second year, of the challenge.

Of those entering, however, there were a wide variety of power levels and modes both from home and portable locations.

Of the eighteen entrants, fifteen were from the US, two from Europe and one from Australia.



Lotta photons in a Watt!

Best, Ken


Congrats Jack, one watt, remarkable!

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73 de VE6JTW