Sota Activation Colfax Hill W6/NS-420

Did an easy drive up from my brother-in-law’s place here in Rocklin, CA. This summit is only a couple min west of Hwy 80, which is east of Sacramento on the way to Trukee. There’s a vacant housing lot we parked on, the road is a bit narrow for parking. We made 4 VHF contacts with the Anytone 878 and Arrow II 140-3 using the wooden fence along the road as a support for the yagi. Furthest QSO was Kelseyville +100mi away.

Sota Activation Colfax Hill W6/NS-420:


Well, darn!
I missed you. Must have been gone to town or something during
your activation. 2 meters from here to there is pretty easy, especially since you have a beam.
John, K6YK

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Your video was already heavily discussed today:
Car activation

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Catch you next time!

Thanks for the link, looks like lots of folks are reading and interested in SOTA, which is a good thing!