Soon in CT9 and CT8

Hello SOTA-friends!

Soon I will be on the way abroad hoping for suitable conds and weather:

–>> 15. - 23. Mai: CT9 / Madeira - some SOTA-activations - IOTA AF-014

–>> 24. - 27. Mai: CT8 / Azores - along to the smallest and most western island of Corvo trying to (first)activate CU/CV-001 - IOTA EU-089

As usual I will use SOTAwatch3 for both alerts and spots.

I hope to hear many of you!

73, Franz


Hi Franz,
I hope to catch you on a s2s! Enjoy your vacation!
73 Heinz

Hi Franz
I been in CT9 last july 2023.
Madeira is wonderfull, you will enjoy CT9 SOTA.
In october I will try to activate some CT9 references in Porto Santo.
Hope to catch you on CT9 and CT8
73 from CS7AWH, Manuel.

Hello Franz,
do not forget your snow shoes for the activation of CU/CV-001.
See my comment here: CU/CV-001 - CT3/MI-001 activations .
Good luck!
73, Andy DK7MG

Andy, thanks for your hint concerning trail conditions.
The contents of your link is well known.
I will try to get along a trail direct up from Vila de Corvo having heavy shoes with me.
It will be a kind of expedition. Let`s see, if I succeed. :slight_smile: