CU/CV-001 - CT3/MI-001 activations

Goodmorning everyone!

next week I activate the summit of the corvo island crater. (HM49KR)
720m and 4 points …(NEWONE)

and if I can, Pico Ruivo mountain in Madeira. (IM12MS)
both activations on this bands SSB HF 20m-17m-15m-12m

FT-817 and MP1 antenna

stay tuned!


Corvo is as outstanding island. As well Madeira.

Do you expect do do both activations in the same week ?

Vy 73 de Pedro, CU3HF/CT1DBS

Have a look at the following link.This doesn’t seem to be such an easy mountain:

I’m going to the Azores next month and will activate all summits on Faial, Sao Jorge and Terceira.

73 de Tom, HB9DPR
This describes very well the situation on the neighbour island Flores when I activated Marcela, CU/FL-002.
This harmless looking “green moss” must not be underestimated: It took me about 20 minutes for the final 300 meters to the summit. At that time I wished I had snow shoes with me.

73, Andy DK7MG

bom dia Pedro!
Eu tento fazer tudo em uma semana. depende das condições meteorológicas. Eu li que haverá nuvens nos próximos dias. talvez chova.

Eu também espero ouvir você no rádio. 73!

Hi Tom!
I’m used to big mountain expeditions. This peak is not particularly complicated for me and I have studied the route well. I’m just afraid of the bad weather and the strong wind that will surely make it difficult to place well my antenna.
73 Andrea

youre right Andy!.
In the mountains everything must be planned and all the difficulties must never be underestimated.
The mountain. (or better the hill because reaches the maximum up to 750m) must not make you forget that however there may be hidden pitfalls.
At my QTH, (South Tyrol) there are mountains that climb frequently and exceed all the 2800 - 3000 meters of altitude. Then im equipped for any bad eventuality.
Anyway, the radio setup that I carry with me is the same as when I klimb the kilimanjaro in 2014.
The equipment is therefore long tested.

hearing you next week !