Snow, snow, snow on Monte Autore I/Lz-301

Yesterday I took advantage of a beautiful sunny day, after two days of rain and together with a couple of friends I went to the Monti Simbruini Park, about 2 hours by car from Rome. Here we walked in the snow to reach the top of Monte Autore I/LZ-301 , a beautiful mountain of 1855 meters with a very panoramic view and with a summit that allows for very comfortable activations.

To reach the top we walked about an hour in a beautiful landscape of snow filled trees and breathtaking views. At the top I found tons of people who naturally started making jokes about my fishing rod and asking me what kind of strange activity I was doing. There were really a lot of people and in fact I preferred to activate faster than usual, two people had crashed into my longwire. Overall 24 qsos with two S2S with @SQ9MDF and @SQ9BQW on 20 and 30 meters Ssb and cw.

On the way back we took a longer ride going down a ridge and beautiful woodland. A splendid day in the mountains, perhaps too many people at the top but by now I have noticed that after Covid the number of people in the mountains has increased a lot, but this is good news after all.


What a beautiful day!

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Beautiful photos, thanks Andrea!

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Congrats Andrea! amazing pics and awesome day, looking forward to hear you on the Sota.

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More people on our hills also.

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…full on people on the hill, i walk in appenino moutains in the last 20 years… and i never never see so many people trekking or do snowshoeing, my idea is that after two covid lockdown people has discover again wildness and mountains.

73 And IW0HK


thanks for the good signal.

There is a lot of snow in the Polish mountains too… sq9mdf/p


thanks !! Fantastic photos !

Thanks for S2S !! 73 de IW0HK Andrea

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true Andrea, after that is like a blast of people on the mountain, so we should go too early or too late. hihihihihi :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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