Small Digital SWR/Watt Meters - Suggestions?

I just read a great post by MOMSV, where he highlighted a cool case build he just completed for his FT-817. In that post he show his Digital SWR/Watt Meter HF that he uses. I have been contemplating buying a small unit to carry with me in the field - suggestions?

I have a Surecom SW33 which is OK for QRP VHF/UHF.
They do a HF one too - SW28 which looks a little larger but seems to have more features. I don’t have one so don’t know if it’s any good.

I still like my blinky

73 Armin

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I have a Surecom SW-102 125mhz-525mhz VHF/UHF which works well for me

Check out DJ9PK’s meters:
SWR/power- Meter, SWR Alarm, PEP- Wattmeter, digital, touch display

These are true PEP reading Watt meters / SWR bridges.
Lovely build quality and considering what they do, a very fair price!

73 Ed.

I have been using this device, built from a kit, in the field.
It has been working reliably and repeatably for me.



Thanks - This one looks perfect for me; even has BNC connectors. I just ordered mine!

I use the N6ARA MiniSWR - works great.
Charlie NJ7V