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Shutdown of SOTAWatch2 - March 25

I opened Log4OM today and the Crabdance URL was not working?

Not working how?
Fails to resolve?
Fails to respond when trying to login?
Fails to return spots?

Not working doesn’t really help me fix things. I reset it anyway.

Im sorry. It must have been a temporary thing on my end. I was not connecting but is now. Go figure.

What I have noticed is that some DNS services now think crabdance.com domain maybe ‘iffy’. I can no longer connect to any crabdance.com service (those I own and others) via my work internet access. Also I have had big issues in the past when trying to connect from friends internet where they use BTinternet and have not disabled the porn filters. I guess as you can get crabdance.com domain resolution for free, some less desirable types have misused it and now the service is considered dodgy.

I hope to get the cluster moved onto something like dxclus.sota.org.uk (dont click it, it will not work !!!) but we still have some background work to do this.

VK Port-a-Log: Latest version (Gisborne_02) supports API2 spotting. @HB9EIZ @HB9BIN @WA7JTM please update to the latest version.
SOTA Spotter: @LA5WNA

@HA2VR I have no idea what client you are using to post spots on your iPhone, but given it’s sending your password as part of the URL query, I’d suggest you switch to something new, like the newest version of SOTAGoat.

My plan will be to turn on HTTPS permanently, with SW3 passwords on April 6.

This is now enabled. Any users of spotlite will need to use SW3 username and passwords instead of SW2 passwords, and any client referring to the HTTP endpoint will need to follow the redirect to HTTPS.

(awaits complaints patiently)

With that, every single location in SOTAdom is now HTTPS protected :smiley: