Shutdown of SOTAWatch2 - March 25

In line with the recent changes to the SOTA Database, we will also be retiring SOTAWatch2 as of March 25, 2020. We have specifically chosen a Wednesday as this will be during the week with lower activities. Coupled with this will be shutting down of the adjoining API1. Most people who have used the API are now on API2 quite happily, as is all the remaining existing infrastructure for SOTA (like SW3, summits.sota, RBNHole, etc)

Unfortunately, SW2 and API1 cost a lot of money and time to run for increasingly declining usage, and this will help keep costs to a minimum while allowing the IT Group to gain a bit more breathing space and capacity. SW3 and API2 have been running now for over a year with few if any complaints, and the time is ripe to transition.

If anyone is still using API1 for any particular situation (ie, calling direct in any query) that we are not aware of, please let me know ASAP so that we can talk you through migration to API2. Likewise if there is some killer feature on SW2 that you need that isn’t present on SW3, now is the time to raise it.


Will this also see the end of spotlite?

Yes, no more Spotlite.

No, Spotlite will probably hang around for a bit longer, but its days are numbered, as most tools are moving to API2 for spotting.

VK port-a-log moved to API2 last month.
There are a few users using earlier versions that rely on Spotlite and RSS but the updated version is available so there shouldn’t be any panic :wink:

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Hi sometimes when I try and log in to SOTA3 it freezes and wont load no matter what I do?

When it happens next, please gather the logs from your web console (F12 key) and we might have a chance to debug it

What is the situation with the RSS Feed at SOTAwatch RSS 2.0 Feed ?

Nothing changing right now, but what are you using it for and can we switch to API calls?

I was using it with ‘Feed Notifier’ but as I got nil response when I asked in a older thread as to if it was to be impacted I am now using own method of getting an equivalent feed (via API calls and a PHP page on my own web site).

Hi Andrew,
Can I ask that you remove the “Beta” text from the heading on the SOTAWatch 3 webpage - I think it’s earned an upgrade to being the full product by now H.I.

73 Ed.

If I do that now I might have nothing to do on March 25 :smiley:

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OK, but wait for the first person to now say

“I wont be able to use SOTAWatch 2 any more and SW3 says it’s only in BETA - so what will I do ?? - without spotting and alerting SOTA is Soooo hard - sob, sob.” :grinning: :grin: :laughing:

OK, so when the “Beta” disappears from SW3, we can take this as an indication of a successful change over to the new interface. Perhaps you should add some baloons, flags party whistles etc. to celebrate. :boom: :dizzy:

73 Ed.

Taken a look at it recently? :smiley:


Hey the “Beta” has gone … thanks.

Andrew, where can we get information about API2?

My radio friend Marc (DO2UDX), who makes the logging program “UDXlog” for Android, uses, like me with my Windows program “QW” for Windows, some SOTA APIs or the RSS Feed.

We would be grateful for a tip.

dl4mfm (@)

PM me for details (it’s late here and I will no doubt forget tomorrow :slight_smile: ).

Basically two endpoints for spots and alerts

Sorry, I couldn’t find your e-mail address. If you do not want to publish it, please send me an e-mail to my DARC address (see above). Thanks!

For future reference Mario, this reflector system has a Private-Mail (PM) system built into it - just left-mouse-click on the V Icon for VK3ARR in the entry above and over to the right of the pop-up there is a “message” button. That will put you (privately) in contact with Andrew.

73 Ed DD5LP.