Shutdown of SOTAWatch2 - March 25

Muchas Gracias, Ed

Kein Probleme - Servus !

Will there be no RSS feed anymore?
I used it all the time.
Regards Mariusz sp9amh

I’ll get around to fixing it at some point but given that it’s basically you and two others that seem to use it, support for it ongoing may be reconsidered.

Notice will be given if that’s the case.

I have noticed that the SotaWatch link in the header of this reflector still links to SotaWatch2.

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Well it did earlier - not now !


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Bit late to this party, but I have a VB app I wrote a few years ago that got it’s data from SOTAwatch RSS 2.0 Feed" then looked for my local summits here in Shropshire, or some other triggers such as PSK and then sent me an email alert and also an APRS message.

This stopped working last week but I didn’t find this thread last week.

Any help to point this to get the data from somewhere else would really be appreciated.



The RSS feed may or may not come back depending on time and the fact it’s located on an ancient system not directly under MT control, but you could parse the spots feed for the last 10 spots at

Please have a look at Hamalert. I’m shure it is the solution for your requirement. It even has support for IOS and Android with clients (Push Alerts, Mail, SMS etc)

Many features for SOTA!

Thanks, I’ll look into that, appreciate the info.



Thanks, I must have looked at that in the past as I have a login for it.

The VB app is one I’ve written myself several years ago, as well as particular summit triggers it can also alert me for specific modes ie PSK.

Also I can receive alerts via APRS which is useful on the Kenwood D710 I use for APRS.

Thanks for the info though.


You can also use the SOTA cluster feed … at : 7300

Just tried the URL in a browser, that’s great I can easy parse the data I need.

Thanks everso.


Thanks Andy,

I’ll look into that too.


Well it looks like most governments have decided that lower activities is the order of the day. Just a reminder this will be happening tomorrow at about 0000 UTC.

To repeat, spotLite will continue to operate in the short to medium term, however, you will need to switch to your SW3 username/password after the cutover and HTTPS access will be enforced, so some clients may not handle this. I’m not going to apologise about this, as clients using spotLite transmit your password in unencrypted HTTP to the server, which is just not acceptable any more.

Looking at the logs, a number of people have not updated to the latest versions of some apps that support spotting by the API:

VK Port-a-Log: Latest version (Gisborne?) supports API2 spotting. @K6ARK, @HB9EIZ, @VK1MIC, @HB9BQU please update as soon as you can via the Port-a-Log group.
SOTA Spotter: Latest version from Bogdan supports API2 spotting. @K9IR, @HA2PP, @S56VHA please update via Google Play.

(Not meant to be naming and shaming, but public service announcement that newer versions exist).

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Tnx for the heads up. Looks like the new phone I ordered is just in time (assuming it ever arrives!). I am not able to update SOTA Spotter, probably b/c the version of Android on my phone no longer supports the app. Probably also explains why the app didn’t prompt me to load an update.

73 Paula k9ir

The most recent general release of VK port-a-log is Gisborne_02 which has the changes for HTTPS.

This is complete now.

I’m currently not enforcing this and keeping the SW2 logins while there was a client or two out there that needs updating (expecting to hear about that overnight). Once that is confirmed, I will update here and point out when the change is in place.

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I’ve only got a little mind, so small things please me but just noticed my existing bookmark button for Sotawatch2 takes me straight to Sotawatch3 now. How wonderfully seamless :slight_smile: Thanks Andrew!