Shalloch on Minnoch GM/SS-042

Bet that took some careful surveying, they are shown on the map as exactly the same height and a drop of around 30m between them.
I have a superb photo of a stag that I took on that summit before moving onto Cullardoch

Hill in background is Beinn a’Bhuird ES-004


Can we get this picture in the rolling pictures at please? This is a fantastic picture!

73 Ed DD5LP

Andy, I knew you were wrong but then started to get excited about keeping one of my hills. Then Jimmy corrected you and burst that bubble again.
I was on Saugh Hill on Sunday when you were on Shalloch. Far too hot and not a spot of rain. In fact it was actually 3 c warmer on the summit than it was down at Victory Park in Girvan where the Lowland Gathering was taking place.

The bad weather was triggered by the size of the hills where I was and the murky clouds and possible stormy weather followed all the way to the M74. After that it was “Scorchio”. Again the MetOffice prediction was accurate.

That’s handy. And note I have ‘just’ 42 SS’s remaining. Now how long have I left to live? “Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring” - better get the skates on!!

And - hey stop adding new SS’s or I’ll never finish them :laughing:



It’s now I’ve closely looked at my figures and consider all the sweat expended to get here that I begin to comprehend the effort needed to complete all the Marilyns. There 7 people who have done so, not SOTA but just summiting and then on to the next. Then there is the guy (Rob Woodall?)who has visited all 6500 trig points in the UK and it only took him 14years. When you consider how many are remote and on summits then I find that even more impressive.

It’s a case of optimal planning now. I have about 40 to do. Some are big enough to be a single target for the day. Others will nicely fall into several in a day class, either 2 or 3 being feasible when you include driving there and back home. So dividing out 40 by a suitable scaling factor to take in single summit and multi-summit weekends, I reckon 25 days of activity to finish off my list. Which is about 6months given I get out most weekends. So I should be able to finish them by Christmas. Except I’d get bored because I have some other parts of GM I’d like to visit. But Christmas 2017 may be a realistic date.

I thought you’d done all the South of Edinburgh/Glasgow SS summits Jack? Which means your remaining 42 SS summits will be the more awkward and remoter summits.

So the question is, which is your favourite SOTA summit? It’s a difficult choice, but I think mine is Carn Duchara SS-173 by your route.

Yep - Dec 2012. Then along came GM/SS-286 (Lamberton Hill) - Activated in Aug 2014.

Mmmm? Let me think about that. Interesting.


I have often thought about this, but have come to the conclusion that the weather at the time that the summit is ascended and activated can be a huge factor in determining a favourite. Dire weather conditions can totally ruin what would otherwise be a really pleasant ascent and activation. Having said that, I definitely have a soft spot for Hownam Law GM/SS-197, but it is hard to choose out of over 500 summits…

Yes very.
Single summit could possibly be Mullwharchar- believe it or not but the weather helped with that choice.
SOTA day out is a toss up between the Ben Lawers quad and SS-109 Crunch nan Capull along with SS-153 Black Craig.
BUt then I still have to venture to many more places.
73 Neil

I haven’t activated my favourite summit yet - perhaps one day! - but my favourite summit is GM/WS-007, Bidean nam Bian. I’ve lost count of the number of routes by which I have finally arrived at its summit! I think the best summit in SS is Ben Lui (Bheinn Laoigh) which hasn’t been activated since September 2014. Pure mountaineering gold, the two of them!


Just for you Brian:

Ta muchly!

I’ve found another, enjoy.

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Gosh! The time it took you to find that second photo the snow has nearly melted, must be warm.

Looking at the angle etc. the second photo shows the summit I stood on to take the first photo int the foreground, Beinn na Sroine ISTR.

Should read, “The time it took you to PhotoShop the original photo…” Nice result though. :wink:

The only problem with a summit like that is that there isn’t any long grass in which to lay on your back looking up at the sky while operating.

It’s a 950m ascent… I’d be laying on my back gasping for breath, long grass or otherwise!

You obviously take insufficient stops for photographic opportunities. Get the XYL to buy you a new camera. :slight_smile:

Do it in winter. Get a rope, crampons, ice axe and a competent partner and climb the Central Couloir. You will spend 50% of the time resting while the other guy leads, and by the time the rope is coiled up at the top you will be fresh enough for photography!

You could even be a bit of a devil and bag Ben Oss and Ben Dubhcraig during the same outing, but I think that is probably greedy!


Or do it in winter with crampons, double axes, solo and be on the top in 15 or 20 minutes!