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Second NA<>EU S2S Event

I thought Anthony M0VED suggested he was doing LD-059 which would be the other alert but he’s actually going up to WS/NS-land where his summit may have been activated now by Paul. So you may well be on your own now.

The problem with LD-059 is it’s not on the road to anywhere nor is it a minor detour from the main roads going North/South.

I’m still going to Scotland. B&b is all booked. I think I’ll announce my plans the Sunday night before i go. Give people a week and hopefully others are at work so can’t ruin these plans.

It depends which mode you are intending running Tom. Anything from 14.101 up will most likely be filled with SSB stations in Europe.

There “ought” to be a contest QSO free zone between 14.112 - 14.125 and above 14.300 but experience shows the IARU R1 band plan isn’t always followed by contest Ops…

by the way 14.089 - 14.099 is supposed to be for digital modes and 14.099 - 14.101 is for beacons.


Given Jimmy’s customary punctiliousness in keeping us informed via the reflector of changes to the G ARM I do find the comments here less than ingenuous, particularly in view of the great interest that was raised by the subject of Hensbarrow’s relocation. But I guess we’re all busy people.

73 de Paul G4MD

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I think whatever mode is used, it may be a case of searching for a clear frequency on the periphery of the various mode sectors and getting a spot on quickly. Running more than QRP should help with holding frequency and it is easier once chasers are on frequency. Anyone running datamodes might fare quite well, as there has been some DX around from late afternoon in the UK.

Having reread this several times, I’m still not sure whether it’s a swipe at Gerald’s comments, or at Jimmy’s management of this issue. However, for the avoidance of doubt, the G AM made the announcement on this reflector on February 4th, 2017:

The updated G ARM was published on the main SOTA website effective March 2nd, 2017.

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I’ll try to be on a nice Mallorcan summit in that time frame … hoping for good propagation !
lookout for EA6/ON7DQ/P ! 73 - Luc

No NA alerts up yet. It looks like an EU S2S day so far :cry:

In case anyone is thinking of trying 60 metres EU/UK - US - the band could be a little busy at the US end -
Armed Forces Day Cross-band Military/Amateur Radio Communications Test is May 13


Never crossed my mind Ed. :wink: I don’t actually recall seeing an alert for 60m for activations in the US, but that is probably me rather than there not actually having been any.

With regards to NA alerts, it is early days yet. I have posted on the Nasota group to give those that don’t read this reflector the “heads up” and will repeat the message nearer the time.

As an aside, I am now thinking of including datamodes for my activation on 13th May, so hopefully will be able to make some longer distance contacts using those modes if all else fails…

Well Gerald I can confirm that 17m works between Muncaster Fell and USA. 10W SSB yesterday afternoon. Look forward to working you on it in a couple of weeks (weather permitting)

Following text included in this Sunday (May 7th)'s RSGB News Broadcast and podcast:

SOTA operators have planned their next Europe to North America – Summit to Summit activity for Saturday the 13th of May between 1200 and 1800UTC. Likely bands are 20m and 17m CW and SSB. Alerts of which summits are expected to be activated, plus real time spotting, will be available at sotawatch.org nearer to the date.

Many thanks Ed. Hopefully a few more activators will get their plans together during the week. If not, then it will be what it will be. I am certainly looking forwards to seeing what can be worked.

With regards to datamodes, I will probably give PSK31 a go and JT65. If I am able to self-spot, then I will indicate accordingly in the notes section. I certainly hope to work a few of the chasers that I have seen chasing Joao CT1BHG/P.

73, Gerald G4OIG

I would like to take part in the NA/EU event but I’m not sure if I’m free. I don’t have an option for anything other than QRP - 5W max from FT817.

I was interested to see a number of RBN hits from NA during my activation on Wednesday. Given the ears that our NA friends tend to have, I’m sure it would have been possible to have a QSO, just a shame it was so early in the morning EST. At first I was running about 300mW from my Birthday RockMite on 14.0584 (rig comes out just once per year on the special day!), then I switched to my MTR-5B at about 4W.

So despite 20m seeming extremely dead, it appears as though there was a pipeline to east coast US late morning.

At least I think there’s a glimmer of hope for those taking part.

73, Colin


Hmmm, that is impressive Colin… and encouraging. I would say more than a glimmer of hope. We certainly don’t need another solar event this week.

The logged times are 1006z-1032z…I alerted for 1100z on Saturday, I guess I better be ready a little earlier. Thanks Colin.

Very impressive Colin, considering band conditions at the moment. Its interesting that you were well received into the Nordic countries and Iceland as well as into the states.

As has been commented, your times are earlier than the planned activation times, and we know conditions are changing from day to day at the moment.
I hope to get out next Wednesday around the proposed activation times for Saturday - so I’ll report back what I find. My report will be phone QSOs though as I’ll be running SSB not CW, so my list may not be as impressive, although I’ll be running about 20-25w - somewhat more than your 4W Colin, so it may be about equivalent to your RBN reports (but only if there are chasers there to work!).

73 Ed.

Mark / @NK8Q and I will be out on Saturday in W3… not sure if Evan/ @N3TWM is able to join us too. I’ll bring the FT857D for a bit more power…

We haven’t firmed up our first summit to launch an Alert but will be out there…

Richard // N2GBR

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VOACAP doesn’t suggest anything promising :((

I will be out well after the EU guys are off the summits. But I’ll probably hit something up after work around 3PM eastern, not sure what yet. Some S2S action with anyone still out by then works for me.