Second NA<>EU S2S Event

After the success of the November 2016 NA<>EU S2S event, I have been in discussion with various activators about a repeat event. The date that I have put forwards is Saturday 13th May 2017 with a projected time frame similar to the November event, that is 14:00 to 18:00UTC.

The propagation predictions are unfortunately very poor for the coming months and we are also within the major contesting season. On 13th May 2017 we would have to contend with the CQ-M contest. However, alternatives appear to be few and far between and virtually any date is likely to coincide with some contest activity. Given the issues that exist, I would like to suggest that those activators who are interested in trying to make NA<>EU S2S contests might wish to give this a try, but we should probably expect to achieve somewhat less than we did last November. I therefore throw this proposal open for discussion and expressions of interest.

In the longer term, my suggestion is that we aim for another event on 18th November 2017.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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13th may is ideal for me. It’s during the planned Scotland trip to activate a unique summit and a summit not activated in over 10 years. I’m in. Doubt I’ll be able to do all 2-6pm though.

Count me in for the NA side of the pond.

I’ll do my best. I’ve certainly enjoyed the previous inter-continental activity days - but it would be nice to have one on a day where the risks of hypothermia are a distant memory!

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Hi Gerald,
Which band / bands are you thinking about?

We usually go with 20m but with contest traffic, 17m might be a better choice (if conditions allow) - also 40m might even be possible as it is proposed to operate into the evening - 1800 UTC is 8pm here.

Unfortunately it now seems whichever band is planned on May 13th, I won’t be able to take part at the planned times as I have just found out that the wife has planned something that evening - good luck to all who can take part. I may still go out earlier in the day, we’ll see.

73 Ed.

13th may could be good excuse to get butt up kitt hill again


I have had a question raised about timing and the suggestion that it might be beneficial to move the time forwards maybe to a 12:00 UTC start. This will affect activators in NA more than in EU. Could we please have some views expressed on this?

73, Gerald G4OIG

If I’m free I’ll head up, but the proposed time is very early for those of us in western NA. Moving it forward would require me to camp out at a summit, which I won’t be able to do that weekend.

I could do 1200 UTC

I see you’ve moved your alert to 1200 Gerald. Is the event time change official?

Well, what is “official”? It is whatever those participating want, so I hope for more responses on the timing aspect so that we can agree a time window for the activity. I have moved my alert time forward as I want to get maximum value for money for my 480 mile / 9 hour round trip and I am thinking that (for me) 12:00 - 18:00 would be ideal. I see you are planning LD-030, so when we have the timing agreed, maybe we can meet up before we go home.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Ahh, that’s where 059 is! Yes certainly. It does depend on a reasonable weather forecast and I might be accompanied by my wife, which may influence timings- but hopefully

For me 1200 or 1400 start are fine, I’ll go with the flow. However I’m unlikely to be able to commit to 4 hours on the summit. 2 is more like it.

I’d check it’s not been activated if you haven’t done so recently.

Hi Gerald,
All depends on the weather! It’s sure that greek activators will participate!

73 Christos.

Thanks Gerald, I can now attend and will try to be on up until 1400 UTC if I / batteries last from 1200UTC.

Times in GB2RS and ARNewsline items updated and should appear next weekend’s programs.

73 Ed.

In principle, count me in for this event.
Any start time, 12 or 14 utc, sounds good to me. I’ll see when I can be on air and for how long when the day gets closer.
I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed, though.


Announcement of event published in GB2RS Broadcast/Podcast for Sunday and todays ARNewsline Podcast/Broadcast.

73 Ed.

Is this a real event? I thought it was just Gerald trying to drum up some chasers for when he goes to the new Muncaster Fell. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No Andy, if that were the case I would only take the 4m handheld… with its dummy load rubber duck. Got to keep LD-059 as rare as hen’s teeth. :wink:

Oh, and I am awaiting the announcement on DC-008 or the retention of DC-004… that will be the November event if the change is made. Alternatively, I will come up your way with the spark transmitter. :laughing:

The updated ARM was published nearly 7 weeks ago Gerald.