Scotland = next week.

From 22 Feb 2019, (friday) I should be activating in Northern Scotland as MM6GYU/P. Strictly Morse of course.

Its going to be a mix of mountaineering & SOTA depending on where the mood takes me and the weather. So I hope to do interesting summits that never really appealed to me from a mountaineering point of view - like Sullivan perhaps to a few lessor visited peaks or perhaps just some interesting 10 pointers.

I was going to take my x-country skis but I think thats too optimistic. :slight_smile:

Cars packed and an 8 hour drive awaits in the morning!

Sort of Mix 'n Match.


Named after the famous talk-show host.


You can ask the database to show you all the unactivated GM/NS summits. Or show them in oldest activation first.

GM/NS-098	Creag Dhubh Mhor	553	1814	58.2650	-4.6285	IO78qg 	NC 459337
GM/NS-118	Beinn Sgeireach	476	1561	58.0683	-4.6242	IO78qb 	NC 453118
GM/NS-120	Creag Dhubh Bheag	472	1549	58.2386	-4.6010	IO78qf 	NC 474307
GM/NS-126	Cnoc an Liath-bhaid Mhoir	434	1423	58.2332	-4.1151	IO78wf 	NC 759291
GM/NS-130	Meadie Ridge	416	1364	58.3570	-4.5670	IO78ri 	NC 499438
GM/NS-131	Creag Loisgte	412	1353	57.9217	-4.7588	IO77ow 	NH 367958
GM/NS-136	Creag nam Fiadh	387	1271	58.1869	-3.9729	IO88ae 	NC 841237
GM/NS-142	Cnoc an Daimh Mor	356	1167	58.3501	-4.5084	IO78ri 	NC 533429
GM/NS-046	Beinn Spionnaidh	772	2534	58.4732	-4.8104	IO78ol 	NC 362573	22/May/2006	GM7PKT/P
GM/NS-103	Ben Hiel	534	1752	58.4167	-4.4052	IO78tk 	NC 596501			15/May/2007	GM4YSS/P
GM/NS-023	Foinaven - Ganu Mor	914	2998	58.4122	-4.8861	IO78nj 	NC 315507	17/May/2007	GM4YSS/P
GM/NS-043	Meall Horn	777	2548	58.3616	-4.8170	IO78oi 	NC 353449			24/May/2009	GM7PKT/P
GM/NS-009	Ben More Assynt	998	3273	58.1378	-4.8587	IO78nd 	NC 318201		13/Apr/2010	MM3WJZ/P
GM/NS-040	Beinn Airigh Charr	791	2595	57.7278	-5.4782	IO77gr 	NG 930762	08/May/2010	MM0DHY/P

Hope the WX is good for you. Normally it puts on extra wetness when we have visitors!


Doesn’t it just!

I guess that Sullivan is Suilven, that is in a truly magical area. If I’m right, don’t miss Stac Pollaidh (Stack Polly), not very high, not a Munro, but an unmissable experience that you will remember when higher but blander summits fade from memory!

Good luck.



Enjoy the trip, and see you when you get back.


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I suspect the Suilven error was the spellchecker overruling. The curse of the modern machine.

Paul G4MD and myself will be activating several GM/SS summits on 24th, 25th and 26th, so there will probably be a particularly inclement period at that time. We will going suitably prepared, though chasers should expect some irregular keying from me during wet periods. :grinning: