Scandal! Chaser 13000m higher than activator

When I activated DM/NS-122 yesterday with only 405 meters of altitude, I was lucky enough to speak to a 13,000m high chaser. Jerry PH9HB/am was just flying his jet over France.
73 Chris


Congratulations. What a great contact, especially given the power and setup.

As a consequence of getting my first /AM contact recently I have now added support for aeronautical mobile to the ADIF Processor.

So the suffix /AM in your input file gets you an aeroplane icon on Google Earth.

In addition I have also added support for comment tag ALT and MY_ALT for their and your altitude respectively. It defaults to metres unless you specify measurement in feet, eg: ‘36000 ft’.

If you set an altitude the contact is drawn at that altitude, absolute to sea level.
I’ve asked the ADIF committee if we can add altitude as a first class ADIF field, it is currently being discussed.




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Hi Chris @DL1CR.

A fitting title :slight_smile:
Congratulations on this QSO and contact.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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