Scald Law in December

Just a brief note on today’s activation. GM/SS-125

I can just about see Scald Law from my bedroom window, just need to “remove” a few of the neighbouring houses and it would be in view. The Pentland range has been taunting me as I walk the dogs in the mornings, glistening white in the early sun and a clear blue sky after our small amount of snow fell last week. The forecast for today was to stay fair and wind not too strong, so all packed up and away to the hills!
Starting up Andy’s usual route, it was apparent that folks had been out enjoying the snow over the past few days, with a good path compacted enough to make walking easy, there was even some evidence of sledging without a sledge - ie “bin bag sliding”** on the steep bits.

** other phrases are available involving portions of anatomy…

It was the first time I’ve thought that a snow shovel would have been a handy thing to have as I made a small dugout and snow wall above it to avoid the wind - only a few mph, but with the -4 degrees C or so, that would have been very uncomfortable.

Not the most efficient layout of the antenna (multiband end-fed), but it was enough. Big thanks to the WAB net for running through the net with me, I appreciated that and all the other callers too. I suspect I missed a couple on 20m due to weak signals. 40m and 20m were good this morning and a quick visit to 17m yielded a result there also.

Mrs VPM wants me to keep all my fingers intact, so has obtained this fine pair of mittens which are ideal for this sort of weather and allowing things to be twiddled as needed.

Views from the top
Looking south west-ish - nice inversion in the mid distance. Bendy snowboarder trail in there also. I was visited by a skier too.

“Home” for the morning

Thanks for all the calls and the kind “safe descents” when I went QRT.



Great weather. A lightweight shove + snow means you can often obtain good shelter :smile:


I’ve been up in the snow a few times. How was the path up the first steep bit then from the col? Normally when it’s freezing and has been snowing, the snow gets compressed and polished into ice by all the boots. I’ve had a few scary descents in the winter. I always thought crampons would suggest I was a wanna-be Alpinist for a 550m summit in walking distance of the capitol. But if it’s been snowing here (at 165m ASL) I always take them if I go up there now. I’d rather be able to get down in one piece than look overdressed!


That bit was okay yesterday although there had been some “blowing around” going on, so that I was on fresh(ish) snow with a nice “crump” on the way up. By the time I was coming down, the footfall from the hill-runners etc had compressed all that and it was not so nice, I just went off-piste.
There was one chap with the micro-spike thingys on which would be a reasonable compromise 'tween overdressed and on your rear end…
Having said that, my boots have the Berghaus yeti gaiters on more or less permanently, so I probably look totally wanabee anyway! :laughing:



My multi-Munroist work colleague has used Yeti gaiters for years. He said when fitted properly you don’t need Goretex boots and he never got wet feet. But yes, you can look overdressed in them. As for micro spikes et al. you really need to be very careful as the are not designed for steep slopes. Some don’t have secure fixings to the shoe/boot and whilst they undoubtedly work, you are taking a change they’ll slip off your footware. The Spiders seem better than many in this regard and certainly seem more securely attached to footware than things like Yaktrax. The real issue is people using them for conditions they are not designed for.

Looks like you went the right day… we had about 4cms of snow and it’s 2C now and everything is melting and miserable and it’s grey and cloudy.


Yes weather today is not so pleasant that’s for sure!

Yeti’s - great things - I have crossed water with them as if wearing wellies - this is my second pair - felt I had to retire the old ones as the rands were splitting due to age - only 40 years old - “they don’t make things to last now-a-days…”


Wow! I thought I was the only one left with Yeti gaiters


I thought they were just a folk tale…