Saturday 9th April double sota hike

I am fortunate to have the whole of Saturday to myself which means only one thing, Sota Activating. The added bonus is I dont have to walk to the speed of my 6 year old who enjoys a good sota hike. This means I am hoping/planning on doing a double sota activation. Any thoughts on double summits around 2 hours drive from North East? 2M and/or HF I dont mind. I have mainly done 2M/70cm FM activating this year to be fair so HF might be a nice change, although it means lugging around my TS480, but I have now got a LiFePo battery so its not that bad anymore. I’m still saving for my FT817.
I have already done great whernside this year so the double with buckden pike is out.
I feel like 4 pointers are best done at winter as they effectively double in points value(almost). But I’m not totally against a 4 pointer making up one of the two summits if i have too.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

Hi Anthony,
The way HF conditions are at the moment, don’t be surprised if getting contacts is more difficult than you expect. Apart from that good luck & stay safe.


Well I’m in the same position as you on Sunday Anthony. I’m planning to go over to do LD018 & 011, which is about 2 hrs away (NE as well).

Good shout. Is the road from pately bridge to hartsop open to get to the start?

I’ll be going over the A66, so I don’t know Anthony

Once you get to Kendal it’s certainly open, I was there at Easter. Let me know if you do go, it would be nice to get the completes - prob have to be HF though

Good luck

yeah I’ll go A66 too.
I know you cant get to keswick from ambleside the road near thirlmere i think is completely gone and only a bus they run is allowed along the other road th eotherside of the lake i think. I think the rest is ok. I’ll either do stony cove and high street HFSSB/2MFM/70cmFM or possibly go the other way and do st sunday crag, fairfield, seat sandal and back depending on how long i actually have. I’ll have a think and put some alerts on the site tonight before i go to bed.
73 Anthony

Actually, they have come up in the last day or so, I would try the higher bands if that is your thing !

30m around 1730 local time. 37dBm out to a piece of wire.

Predictions look better too.

I might give it ago, but I don’t have a time machine.


what software is that map from?

That is a snippet of my WSPR beacon running here on 30m this afternoon.

You can use simple embedded hardware such as a Raspberry Pi, or use your HF radio. I use my KX3 controlled over the serial port using K1JT software. Take the audio input and output from your PC and let it run over a course of time.

You can plot your own graphs with the data - very useful if your interested in propagation.


Yes conditions getting better - heard VK6IR on 20m this morning, but local contacts (i.e. up to 1000 Km) don’t seem to be any better at the moment. - at least not from here.

The potential is there, its like everything else in life - timing.

The only problem with WSPR is its duty cycle w.r.t PAs