Hi all
The new update (V10.4) should be done when you launch your old version

In case of problem, you may download the full version here

Some improvements:

  • Now the summits references are updated directly from the SOTA database
  • Thanks to Mikel EA2CW, the spanish language is available
  • You can access directly to the UK database to upload your csv file
  • Some bugs fixed

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

Thank you Alain for your unvaluable work indeed

Thank you Alain,
I see the problem I mentionned recently is solved and the SOTA REFS. are not anymore lost when I load a previously saved .adi file. That’s great!
However, regarding the availability of Spanish language, there must be something going wrong because this is what I’ve got when I selected Spanish:

On the other hand, everything looks good if French or English languages are selected.
Just in case, let me tell you my OS is Windows XP Professional.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Hello Guru
I think there is a problem on your PC; please check if the spanish language file F_SP.ini is under the Lng directory.
The program has been tested on W8, W7, XP here and on VISTA, Ubuntu by Mikel EA2CW and all seems to go well.
73 Alain F6ENO

Thanks Alain for the updates.
It still registers as MalWare on all my Virus scanners :frowning:

Is it possible, in future versions, to allow changing the time without reverting to using a mouse? (not real time mode).

One of my pet hates is having to use a mouse when a keyboard can do the job!

When I transcribe my logs I can enter callsign, tab to RSTR, tab RSTR, hit enter and start the next entry.
This is fine, however the next entry is 1 minute later. Often I work 3 sometimes 4 stations a minute!
This means I have to go to the mouse and click the down arrow as I can’t find any easy way to tab to the time field.
It would be great if the first TAB went to time and up down arrow keys changed the minutes!

Thanks for a great utility.

Hello Pete
Did you try the up and down Arrows ? :wink:
Best 73 and thanks for testing the soft
Alain F6ENO

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When trying to update I too get warnings of trojan software:

73 Heinz

Bonjour Alain,
You are right. The file F_SP.ini is not in the LNG folder. This is what I have now:

How can I get that file, please?
Merci et 73,

Guru - EA2IF

Hello Heinz
Here, my programs are scanned by Microsoft antivirus.
But I know that some Antiviruses such as Avast find some "false positive"
73 Alain F6ENO

Dear friends

With the help of Mikel EA2CW, I improved SAISIE_SOTA (now V11.1) with a faster entry of QSO.
It is inspired of DF3CB’s FLE fine software that you can find here: :: Fast Log Entry (FLE)

Rather than use the mouse to modify RSTR, RSTS and S2S, now you can type on a single line the call, the 2 reports and a possible S2S.
The time of a new QSO may be adjusted with up and down arrows
Below are some examples.

Automatic Update as usual or all soft here :

73 and have fun
Alain F6ENO

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Merci pour l’utilitaire. Aujourd’hui j’avais 156 QSO à entrer.
C’est super
73 QRO

Thank you, Alain, but that’s not true. I just made some suggestions but the whole work has been all yours!
In my opinion, this soft was very useful, not only for typing several tenths of QSOs after every activation, but also to export them back to your favourite adif compatible logging software. This new version, however,has improved significantly the procedure, making it even easier than before.

Thanks for your help to the sota community!

73 QRO, Mikel

Many thanks Alain for the new version.
For some reason, this new version didn’t get automatically updated, so I had to do the complete installation. It’s now done and working.
This Fast entry new feature seems to be of great help. However I’d suggest a little change to help the chasers on the data introduction.
Having to type the Fast Entry in the current sequence:
Activator callsign; sent-report; received-report; $SOTA REF
makes the activator postpone the SOTA reference typing until he has completed the QSO and has got both, sent and received signal reports.
If you could change the Fast Entry sequence to the following:
Activator callsign; $SOTA REF; sent-report; received-report
The chasers will be able to have the Activator callsign and the SOTA Ref. and even the sent report already typed on the data entry window while in the pile-up trying to work the activator and they will only have to introduce the received report once they have worked the activator, then push OK or ENTER and get ready to chase some other activator.
The current sequence forces the activator to type the SOTA Ref. always after he had completed the QSO and written the signal reports.
Perhaps there’s a good reason why you want it that way, but I thought the proposed sequence would help chasers go faster.
Don’t know exactly how much work this change involves, but I have the feel it shouldn’t be too much. In any case, if you like my proposal and you don’t have the time or mood to implement it right away, you always can put it on your to do list and implement it in a future release.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Brilliant Alain. Many thanks
73 Angel

Hello Guru
You are probably right because here I’m thinking as an activator.
So I will try to implement this.
73 Alain ENO

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Superb Alain - thanks for the update and also for the update to ADI2SOTA which I collected from the sotafrance website a few days ago. Now Version 7.2 (10/03/2015) with the latest SOTA REFS list included. This may have gone unoticed by some ops…

I owe you another beer for all the time saved by your software…but I know not when we meet up!

Merci OM…

Phil G4OBK

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Hello all
The latest version of SAISIE SOTA (V11.2) is on line:

This is a fast entry log for SOTA activators and chasers:
With the help of F6HBI Gerald, F5UKL André, EA2CW Mikel and EA2IF Guru, some new features are implemented:
You may enter the various fields (CALL RSTS RTSR SOTAREF) in the order you want;
The only obligation is to enter the Call first and respect the order RSTS first and RSTR last.
If you make a mistake, the field in error will be highlighted and a CW sound will inform you.

You may add or modify the operator’s name in the grid box ‘Name’; the database will learn it even if the operator’s call is something like ‘DL/F6ENO/P’.

In delayed time, an option will increment the time by one minute for each QSO

Don’t forget to read the help file…

3 languages files are available: French English and Spanish. You may create your own language file easily

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

PS: Phil, of course I’m OK for another beer… but when ? I’m not sure to be in Fried in june…


Alain @F6ENO , just found about your program when trying to find a way to import my activator logs in DXKeeper.

Your program is AMAZING, for both chasers and activators.

Until few days ago I was only a SOTA activator and using FLE to transfer paper logs to adif and then csv. Your fast log entry is working very well. The only thing i’m missing is interpolate time option from FLE :slight_smile: As an activator I don’t write time for each QSO, especially on pileups, but once every 10-15 qso, or 5-10 minute. FLE had an option to interpolate the time for the QSOs that didn’t had a time. Probably it is a bit harder to implement on your program and will be only usefull for activators. Chasers can use real time.

Anyway, thanks again for the great work,


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Hello Petronel
You are right, FLE is a great program.
I’m not sure that the time interpolation is useful for activators; if they are in real time, of course, no need;
if they are in delayed time, the option “auto increment time” will be OK, and if they made more than one QSO by minute, the down arrow will help them.
Let’s wait for other opinions.
Best 73 and thanks
Alain F6ENO


On my activations I log to paper and enjoy SAISIE SOTA for transcription to CSV/ADIF once back home. I do aim to log each QSO time but often this gets skipped when things are frantic. So I end up manually interpolating the time for maybe a run 5 QSOs, say. The 1-minute increment generally works out about right, but quite often I need to go back and do some tweaking to fit to the logged times. Automatic interpolation is a facility I’d use if you found a way to incorporate it. But however your development goes - happy days! :smiley:

73, Simon