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Hello Petronel and Simon
I wrote the interpolation time; Pse, send me an email at “f6eno (at) wanadoo.fr” so I will send you back the program for tests.
73 Alain f6ENO

Just sent you an email
Looking forward to test the time interpolation feature.
73, Petronel

Dear friends

Thanks to Petronel YO8SEP and Simon G4TJC, when entering QSOs you may now skip some QTR; the program will interpolate the time.
This is done when you are in delayed time, QTR auto inc = OFF and QTR interpol = ON.
Auto update as usual or full version here:

Have fun
73 Alain F6ENO


Hello Alain,
For experience my 1st of April Sota, could you improve your soft?
You could interpolate the call of chasers, (as they are always the same that i keep writing in the log).
Imagine, i push the button Interpolate call=ON and then Saisie_Sota fills the log in an random order
with the well known Chaser call sign .
Thanks Alain for your log anyway.
Gerald F6HBI


OK Gerald, this should be nice, but we can imagine better: simulation.
You stay in you home shack, you download a nice photo of you future SOTA, then you push the “simulate” button, and your log is filled up… :smile:
May be with an option “winter bonus ON/OFF” ?
Best 73
Alain F6ENO


I’ll test the new version this evening when back to Bilbao today after 3 NV activatons… I’ll try to mix 3 past acts. and leave it imagine which qso is from which of the 3!
Even more 2 of them had winter bonus and the last one hadn’t… that would be a real challenge for ur soft…!
More detailed analysis to come

I can’t even access the download URL because my AV Product totally blocks it and most of the site - all it tells me is that the Page is Unsafe.

Stewart G0LGS

My windows 8.1 box also declined to install (initially) but gave a “more info” link which opened an option “install anyway”.
I run an antivirus that is up to date; no problems reported.
Andrew vk1da/vk2uh

Well having configured my AV to allow me to access the download it still prevents me installing it and it tells me that it is infected with Gen:Trojan.Heur2.DP.sHw

VirusTotal doesn’t like the .ZIP much either:


Stewart G0LGS

Hello dear friends
The last version (V11.4) is on line. As usual, an auto update should be done.
The full version is here: http://www.sota-france.fr/pages/programmes/SAISIE_SOTA/Saisie_SOTA_setup.zip

Thanks to Mikel EA2CW who found a bug after his 3 activations; the activator csv file (for the SOTA database) was OK but the ADIF file was not.

Thanks to Petr OK1IN, a new language file has been add.

And at last thanks to Thomas DL8DBW who is a rare program zoom window user; Thomas found some improvements.

Best 73 and have nice SOTAs
Alain F6ENO


Thanks for this useful program.

Marcial EA2BDS

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Hello dear friends
The last version (V11.6) is on line. An auto update should be done when launching your actual version.
The full version is here: http://www.sota-france.fr/pages/programmes/SAISIE_SOTA/Saisie_SOTA_setup.zip

Thanks to Guru EA2IF, you may now change band and/or mode by a simple clic. Useful for chasers !
Best 73 and have fun in mountains.
Alain F6ENO


A successful auto update to V11.6 Alain was completed - thank you very much. I find the app useful and use it for post event activation logging. A great time saver.

73 Phil G4OBK

Thanks Phil
Unfortunately, I cannot go to Fried this year. May be next year ?..
73 QRO Alain

OK Alain - neither can I - I will be somewhere else. A pity we cannot go because the SOTA Streamed programme is the best yet. Possibly 2016 then, we will see how far the money will go hihi

73 Phil

Hello Alain
Thanks a lot for info.
I’m waiting for shipping to Toulon. I’ll try the update when I’ll be back home.
Cordiales 73 UFT
André tk/f5ukl/m

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Hi friends
Thanks to Simon, G4TJC who found a bug when loading different activations in a single file, an update (V11.7) is available.
Auto update when launching the program or
Best 73 and CU next week from a summit
Alain F6ENO

Hello Alain,
The automatic update is Ok from my side.
A bientôt for a S2S.

Thanks Gerald
CU next week from dpt 34 then from PSV (05); Hope 6m will be open…
73 Alain F6ENO

Bonjour les copains.
La dernière version est chargée est semble fonctionner parfaitement.
Encore un grand merci à Alain.
On ne t’entend plus trop … Alors ce F/CR-204 - Garlaban … pour quand ?