Saisie sota 2016

Dear friends

A new version of SAISIE SOTA (V12.0) is available; The latest versions was intended to activators, but it seems that many chasers was using the soft.
So, I tried to improve it with some features for chasers, such as a window for SOTAWATCH spots where a single click on a line will copy the QSO to the entry area, audio announcements of spots, etc.

On another way, chasers may enter their QSO’s in SAISIE SOTA via an ADIF file in order to convert it to the database CSV format. A new error detector is implemented.

Activators are not forgotten; they may use an internal keyer if necessary.

A video help is available, the comments are made with a synthetic voice and subtitles are available in English and Spanish. A very big thank you to Guru EA2IF who made the translations and helped me to test and improve the program.

Other languages can be implemented with the help of all of you.

Auto update as usual, or full setup here:

Happy new year to all and have fun in SOTA !

73 Alain F6ENO


Oooh…this looks good…

Thanks to you and back office staff (Guru) for the new year’s present for 2016!

73 and Happy New Year,

Phil G4OBK

PS I did the SOTA Database update “Oui” and got the 30/12/2015 version. FB. There looks to be some nice extra features in the programme, such as a connection to SOTAWatch. Well done!

Hi Phil

Thanks !
Can you hear Marjorie’s lovely voice ? (Majorie is F5AKL Andy’ daughter…)

73 Alain

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The Spanish accents are not liked by the program and when Spanish language is selected, some words in this new version of the program will be displayed badly because they were written with accents in the file F_SP.ini, so the vowels with accent are replaced by something weird making the word a bit difficult to read and understand.
I have now eliminated all these accents from the vowels and the words will show the right letter, although without the accent. The words affected by this change will be wrongly written from a Spanish orthography point of view, but they will be easier to read and understand than the previous version.
Also, when translating the textes in the F-SP.ini file I wrongly interpreted that grid setup was something related to Locator grid setup and I translated as Configuracion Locator, but I have now seen that it is about configuring the LOG grid, so in the modified version of F_SP.ini I have corrected such text for Configuracion plantilla de log.
I don’t think I can attach the modified F_SP.ini file here, so I have sent it to Alain by e-mail for him to replace it directly in the site where the new program version has to be downloaded from.
You can also write me an e-mail and I’ll be able to send it back to you.
Good luck, 73 and happy new year.

Los acentos españoles no le gustan al programa y cuando se selecciona el idioma Español, algunas palabras en esta nueva versión del programa se mostrarán mal porque fueron escritas con acentos en el archivo F_SP.ini, así que las vocales con acento serán reemplazadas por algo raro haciendo la palabra dificil de leer y entender.
Ahora he eliminado todos estos acentos de las vocales y las palabras mostrarán la letra correcta, aunque sin acento. Las palabras afectadas por este cambio estarán incorrectamente escritas desde el punto de vista de la ortografía española, pero serán más fáciles de leer y entender que las de la versión anterior.
También, cuando traduje los textos del archivo F_SP.ini interpreté erróneamente que “grid setup” era algo relacionado con la configuración de la malla del Locator, pero ahora he visto que es sobre configurar la plantilla del log, así que en la versión modificada de F_SP.ini he corregido dicho texto por “Configuración plantilla de log”.
Me parece que no puedo adjuntar el archivo F_SP.ini aquí, así que se lo he enviado a Alain por correo-e para que lo reemplace directamente en el sitio desde donde debe descargarse la nueva versión del programa.
También podéis escribirme un e-mail y yo podré enviároslo de vuelta.
Suerte, 73 y feliz año nuevo.

Thanks a lot Alain for the latest version Saisie Sota. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me. Whenever I try to edit the setup menu the program freezes and can only be exited via the Windows Task Manager :frowning: .

Happy New Year to all of you!
73, Sylvia

I have upgraded the previous version of SAISIE SOTA that I had and have also found problems. After entering the setup to fill in the callsign and locator info, I try to exit by clicking OK and then a message shows up saying the SOTA field is already in use or something like that, from which I can only exit by rebooting my lsptop.
However, the full program that Alain sent me for testing and I fully installed from scratch, works fine so far.
I’d try to download the full program installing it in a new folder or location in your C:
Good luck

Hi all,
Remember that, when you modify something in the setup or elsewhere in the program, the “Saisie_SOTA.ini” file is updated with new parameters.
So if you are using W7, W8, or W10, writing on your disk may be forbidden, and the program may freeze.
The best way is to install the program under "C:"
Try to launch the program in administrator mode
73 Alain F6ENO

Reinstalling the full programme as opposed to just updating helped and solved the problems!

73, Sylvia OE5YYN

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Tnx Alain for this new upgrade of Saisie Sota.
I have already tried it and found some détails to look after.
I shall talk about that after new year evening.
Best regards Alain and all my best wishes for 2016.
Gerald F6HBI

Whilst I’m not a user of the program.

It may help if you install the program outside of the C:\Program Files (or C:\Windows) folder say C:\HamRadio\Saisie then the program will almost certainly not need to be used in Administrator mode (unless it is still trying to write to files in C:\Windows).

I have several other radio programs installed that work much better and don’t need to use Administrator mode when you do that.


Hello Alain
Thanks again for your hard job.
Best 73 UFT and a Happy New Year to you and to your family.
See you again.
Andre f5ukl

Not working under Linux with wine.
vy 73 de Mariusz

Hello Mariusz
Sri about that; I have no Linux machine here, so I cannont test the soft.
But I only use sandart window API, and Wine sould be able to emulate them.
73 and HNY
Alain F6ENO

Hi Mariusz and Alain,

I had no problem with installation into my Linux (Mint 13). I did not use this SW before, but I will try it, it looks quite interesting.

73 and HNY

Mirko, S52CU

Hi again,

I played a little with SAISE SOTA 2016 and I am very impressed with its ease of use. I am using paper logging on my activations, and ADI2SOTA to convert ADI files from my CQRLOG logger into CSV2 file to upload to the SOTA database. Well, this may change soon, I just need to find a suitable (Linux or Windows) tablet or netbook.
Info for Mariusz: Wine version on my Linux Mint is 1.40.
Thanks Alain for your excellent job on ADI2SOTA and SAISE SOTA!

73, Mirko

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Mirko my WINE is newest (ver 1.8)
I am using latest DEBIAN (testing/unstable) but I have no commercial components and this is probably a problem. Saisie installs normaly but does not start.

73 de Mariusz

I keep having problems with the new error analysis which detects errors, i.e. requires input of “his SOTA ref” where there can’t/shouldn’t be any. It usually happens when I add a contact at the end that is not consecutive in time. Clicking button Date/Time shell then sorts the entries and corrects the order but I get an awful lot of error messages as above which I can’t get rid of any more and I can no longer save the file. The setup says that I worked portable and I have MY SOTA REF entered. What can I change to avoid these error messages?

73, Sylvia

Hello Sylvia,
Yesterday when entering my log from F/AM-491, i had the same problem.
24 errors on 63 lines! “his Sota ref”.
Alain will be back soon at home and he will look after that.
There is also some minor bug to correct and few détails to improve.
Best 73 from Gerald F6HBI

Hello Gerald, Sylvia, and all

A new version is available (V12.2)
Some bugs fixed; thanks to Gerald, Sylvia, Guru and all testers
Auto upload when launching the program or full install here:

Best 73 to all
Alain F6ENO

Hi Saisie SOTA users !

It seems that some of you had problems when loading csv files in Saisie SOTA.
You should remember that the program is not able to load every kind of csv files, because
there is no normalization for these files.
Here, we can only play with the SOTA database formats .

If you upload a csv file to the database, you have to follow MM0MFM Andy’s recommendatations:
there is no header
a line begins withe the signature ‘v2’
The recommended date format is DD/MM/YY, other formats are accepted
The time format is either HHMM or HH:MM

If you download your activation:
there is no header
a line begins with your callsign (not with the signature ‘v2’)
the date format is DD/MM/YY
the time format is HH:MM

If you download your log from the database,
the Header is present,
a line begins with ‘v2’
the date format is DD/MM/YYYY
the time format is HH:MM

That is why you found some bugs in Saisie_SOTA.

This V12.4 version try to fix the bugs; Gerald F6HBI made several tests. Again, thanks Gerald.

Automatic update as usual or full version here

Best 73
Alain F6ENO