S2S QSOs not showing in Activation Mapping

I don’t use the Activations Mapping page very often, but today decided to look at a map of my QSOs from yesterday’s activation of CT/BL-020. I noticed immediately that while the “Chosen Activation” section shows the correct number of total QSOs (68), the “Activation QSOs” section, as well as the map, omits my 11 S2S contacts from the activations. I checked to see if there were any filters inadvertently set but couldn’t find any related to S2S QSOs. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Paul CT7/K9PM


You’re missing telling us which website this is.

Has it changed to a new one? :woozy_face:

I have contacted Andrew already because also the colour coding is broken (all lines for the QSO are in black) and the chart legend is missing.


But there are no so many websites and apps that I haven’t got the time to check out several different ones just to find which one is being spoken about.

Sotamaps has been a little bit temperamental over recent days with features coming and going. I think this means Andrew has been working on it. I don’t use the activations feature as it doesn’t find any activation I have done with a different call to my own such F/M0FMF or EA8/MM0FMF or MSOTA/P.

I’ll add this on to Andrew’s every increasing job list.


Many thanks Andy!

Strange. It finds even my Japan activations. Of course all logged for the same dB account.

73 Joe

Well you’re lucky. Doesn’t work for me.

I only have a single account. All activations in there as MM0FMF/P, MW0FMF/P, M0FMF/P, GS3PYU/P, GX3PYU/P, MS0TA/P, MX0TA/P plus all the CEPT things in France, Madeira, Canaries, Netherlands, Luxembourg , Germany, Austria, Poland, USA, Czech Rep, Italy, Switzerland.

Nothing CEPT appears, MS0TA has no entries in the given time period (i.e. since SOTA started).

Doesn’t work so I don’t use it.

Just in case this helps Andrew @VK3ARR to find the problem, let me show you this map from my activation yesterday, where I made 2 S2S QSOs: one was an EA2/NV summit and it’s correctly shown on the map, but the other one was a HB9/SZ summit and it’s not seen on the map. Why? I don’t know…



SOTAMaps uses a different database to the main SOTA DB, for many reasons. To deal with that, there’s a synchronisation routine that runs daily. The first thing to remember is that it’s probably the synch hasn’t happened, if you’re looking at activations from today. If you’re looking at things from the past, then maybe it was a bad synch. If you’ve deleted an activation, that can confuse it as well.

I’d love to have everything in SMP hit an API instead of the DB, but the code is tightly integrated and this makes this a bit harder, plus, you know, time.

There’s probably a few reasons for this, but I’ll add it to my list.

I am guessing the issue may be related to the following: I used to have to upload a separate file for my S2S contacts. Yesterday I did not upload a separate file for S2S QSOs as I noticed that my single upload of the csv file for the activation resulted in my QSOs being parsed correctly to the 3 buckets of Activator QSOs, Chaser QSOs and S2S QSOs. Because the S2S QSOs are already showing on my S2S ranking page, I hesitate to upload a csv file with those QSOs for fear I would mess up something!

No, that’s not the problem. That’s the feature of the new sotadata.


Hi Paul,
You did it right. When using the new database there’s no need to upload a chaser/s2s log together with the activator log, as the activator log itself is enough now and the database understands and takes into account all the S2S QSOs included in the activator log.



Hi Paul. Exactly the same issue here. In my last activation (JA/HG-052) I made 3 S2S QSOs (2 of them to the US) but they are omitted.

This should now be fixed. Basically a part of the synchronisation process was broken, which resulted in S2S QSOs past a certain date not being synchronised.


Should it retrospectively fix the problem?

The above selected acivation OE/OO-271 had two S2S with Sylvia and Peter in the end.

And the colour-coding of the lines is still broken. Or is this a side effect?
The “Get Link” => Copy Activation URL features does not work as it seams.
Opening the generated link does gives a white page with “File not found.”
Btw. having this as an embeddedable-code (iframe) for the reflector would be great for activation reports.

Thanks for taking care! Much appreciated!
73 Joe

It should, and I shouldn’t prematurely announce resolution of an issue :slight_smile:

Now, I’ve actually checked the S2S logs are all in there.

It could be. I didn’t really look into it as I don’t quite know where Rob put the colour coding stuff, so it’ll involve some digging.

I’ll add it to the bug list. Incidentally, does discourse allow iframes in its posts? Most forum software disables it for security purposes.

Thanks a lot

Hmm good question. But I guess there is a way to parse and embed it in the reflector?
Similar to the summit references are automatically converted to links.

How does it handle it when you simply post a link? You normally see a preview of the web site the link points to?

Fixed! Thank you very much.