S2S QSOs not showing in Activation Mapping

Beautiful! Thank you so much for all you guys do so that the SOTA community has such wonderful tools!

I’m confused about the comments that the activator log alone is all that’s necessary to create the S2S log. I use FLE and even if I include the other op’s SOTA reference using the keyword, it does not make any difference - there is no S2S QSO created in the database. What is the trick to creating an entry in an Activation log that is recognized buy the database as being an S2S QSO? So far, every one of my 1,050+ S2S QSO’s has been a manual entry posted after I’ve already uploaded my FLE csv log. If I could eliminate that manual entry it would be a substantial time-saver.

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Keith KR7RK

Are you using the newsotadata or old sotadata database? The new one eliminates the two CSV upload steps. The old one is being retired in a month or two.


Even on the old database, just upload the V2 CSV file under both CSV upload menus (first as an activator log, second as a Chaser/S2S log)


Thanks Andrew, I guess I assumed that entering the database via the SOTA Links dropdown on SOTAwatch3 would be using the SSO system and take me to the new database, but I see now that it still takes you to the old database. So I apparently was using the old sotadata site. I’ll try to upload via the newsotadata site next time I activate and see if that fixes the problem.

Please see this thread:

I’ve just added a link to the SW3 page that has the new database on it.


The colour coding issue is now fixed.

This should now be fixed.

Thank you Andrew.
Just tested both features and all good :+1:


There may still be a problem with the maps page…

I made 4x 2m contacts on an activation on the 18th of January (SP/SW-001). One of them was a S2S contact.

CSV log was uploaded to the old database as activator and chaser; both activator and S2S reports appear fine in the database.

On the map page, the list of activations shows 4 contacts for that particular activation but:

  • “Chosen activation” box shows “Worked: 4” and “S2S: 0”.
  • “Activation QSOs box” show only 3 QSOs - the S2S doesn’t appear at all.

Maybe it’s a user error; let me know :slight_smile:

It is, but I’m the user. I missed a spot where this needed fixing. It’s all good now.