RockMite activation of DM/BW-099

When I read @M1BUU’s post, I thought I might try that too. I can’t look back on a long tradition of activations with the RockMite on May 6th, but it’s never too late to start a habbit :blush:

The announced light drizzle was no issue. What bothered me more was the fact that there had been repeated trouble with a fairly active sun over the past few days. A major solar flare reaching X4.52 appeared around sunspot 3663 at 06:35 UTC on the same day. Friends reported on the local SOTA chat group that the bands were dead for about an hour.

I had to be in the office on Monday morning, but planned to leave after lunch for the activation of DM/BW-099, my local summit. It’s only about ten minutes by car and another 20 minutes walk up the hill.
With some confidence that it would be possible to manage a few QSOs, I set up the 30m end-fed dipole and called CQ around the alerted time. It took about 20 minutes of CQing, however, until I noticed a faint station that was calling me. It’s one of the features of a simple direct conversion receiver like the RockMite that you always hear a large part of the audio spectrum. I may not have noticed @SP9AMH immediately, which I was sorry about. We exchanged reports and 73’s, then it went on in the same fashion. Only after 10 minutes of endless CQ I heard GM4ZMK calling. Richard’s signal went from loud to not discernable and back. With two QSOs in 30 minutes my expectations were pretty low. So I called it a day and pulled the plug. Under the current conditions with increased D-layer absorption, Bz pointing far south and a fast moving solar wind, an output power of about 500mW was perhaps a little too little :grimacing:

Only two stations were reporting me on RBN over the 30 minutes period starting just before 12:00 utc:


Thanks anyway to everyone who tried and my apologies if I couldn’t hear you!
Better luck next year :wink:

73, Roman


Hello Roman,
I have tried several times to get in touch with you. Unfortunately, your signal could only be heard very faintly in the qsb. The conditions were - in my opinion - unusually bad.

Don’t let that discourage you from continuing to work with qrpp.

“Less power - more fun” doesn’t always apply but mostly!

73 Chris


Sorry OM, I completely forgot! Hope that you had a great day regardless of the radio conditions.

I spent the weekend in Colchester in the south east at my wife’s mother’s. I hadn’t been since last April and was due to make a visit! Yesterday was mostly spent travelling back to home in the north west.

VY 73,