Revisiting the G/SP summits

I feel the urge to revisit all the SP summits this year. The G/SP region contains many of SOTA’s most activated summits and I am the Region Manager so it’s time to do them again. I will go for 2m SSB as my main mode. It’s a lot of fun and not main-stream.

I started today on Gun G/SP-013. It’s a nice little hill and I had an enjoyable activation. Thanks to all the callers, I appreciated each QSO. I’m using a new FT-817 (I bought it as a spare a while ago) and I was interested to see if the internal battery lasted long enough. The good news it that it was fine for a single activation. I think using the internal battery limits the radio to 2.5 Watts so maybe I will use an external battery on some summits. I have a really light 2m amplifier and a bigger beam too. Let’s see how it goes!

Catch you on 2m SSB soon?

25-05-20 Gun G/SP-013 10 QSOs ODX G0RQL
26-05-20 Cloud G/SP-015 10 QSOs ODX G0RQL
27-05-20 Boulsworth Hil G/SP-008 9 QSOs ODX G0RQL
29-05-20 Longridge Fell G/SP-014 6 QSOs ODX G0RQL
01-06-20 Black Hill G/SP-002 8 QSOs ODX G0RQL
02-06-20 Shining Tor G/SP-004 12 QSOs ODX G0RQL
04-06-20 Pendle Hill G/SP-005 9 QSOs ODX G0RQL
08-06-20 Billinge Hill G/SP-017 9 QSOs ODX G0RQL
24-06-20 Winter Hill S/SP-010 15 QSOs ODX G0RQL


Hi Richard,
It defaults to 2.5 Watt at startup but can be changed to 5 Watt in the menu.
73 Joe


Good to hear Richard! Have to say, 2m SSB is probably my favourite mode, as it’s mostly what I used when I first got my licence in the late 80’s - seeing as we only had 2m & 70cms as B licensees :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope to be able to get on some summits soon, but as my closest is around 45 minutes drive & I was just about to set up my own business when the lockdown happened, it probably won’t be for a while, living expenses win over fuel for radio trips :slightly_frowning_face:

Will try and find a local high spot for a bit of chasing if I can though - do have pedal power available if it’s not too far!

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For a split second I thought we would see you in Poland this year Richard!


Thanks for putting the station on Richard, nice to bag a 2m SSB chase

Easy copy on SSB, especially when you pointed your 3 ele DK7ZB SOTAbeam at me and I had the 6 element DK7ZB at you!

Look forward to chasing more SSB activations (outside of contests)


Hi Matt - yes that was good. BTW the 3 element is not a DK7ZB design, it’s a G3CWI design. The SB5 (5 element) was the DK7ZB one.

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SP-015 Cloud: another enjoyable 2m SSB activation with 10 contacts made before the internal battery died. Once again best DX was Don G0RQL. Summit was busy. While setting up the antenna I reached down to get a reusable cable tie for the feeder only to realise that it was not my cable tie: yes it’s that popular with SOTA folk. Overall I enjoyed the acivation but not the crowd. Let’s see what I can manage tomorrow.

Hi Richard, I just wanted to offer help on your SP journey, but I see it not this time.
If, however, one day you are welcome :wink:

73, Jarek


Hi Richard Good to hear you back on the radio and have a S2S with you I was on Longridge Fell SP-014 monday 25 05…it was like Blackpool Prom with hoards of walkers bikes out of control kids…I have never seen so many people up there in years but had a good day.
73 keep safe!! Tony G7OEM

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Another cracking day out on 2 metres SSB; this time on Boulsworth Hill G/SP-008. It’s a nice quiet hill and a pleasant walk if the path is dry. Don G0RQL was the first in the log at about 200 miles. Several callsigns from the old days too: Mike G4BLH, David G6LKB and Mick M0PVA. That was rather nice, thanks chaps. One QSO into GI was a nice bonus. 9 contacts in total. No sign of G8ADD.

360 degree photo here.

Tomorrow is likely to be an afternoon activation.


When you spot yourself can you include your QSY frequency please? I couldn’t find you today, though that was probably mostly due to a pulsing noise that I eventually tracked down to a phone charger!

Was 2m SSB busy Brian?

It couldn’t have been less busy - unless they were all buried under that charger racket - very little on FM either.

Exactly. I suggest that if CWI was audible at your QTH, you would have found him with ease even without knowing the exact frequency.

BTW, did you ever check that coax? ISTR you were hearing significantly less on VHF than everyone around you.

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No, if I’d known his QSY frequency I could have set the rig to alternate between that and the calling channel using priority channel scanning and just sat and waited for him to beam this way.

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Well he worked Don in IO70 so I reckon it’s much more likely either that your local noise is prohibitive or that your coax needs replacing, than you missed him through not being made aware of his QSY frequency.

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You’ll still need wellies for White Hill (G/SP-006) Richard, it was rather boggy when I visited just under two weeks ago. We’ve had a fairly decent dry spell too, although it was raining when I did my activation.

Ingleborough is my nearest summit but White Hill is my nearest smaller summit, it takes about 13 minutes to drive to the start point from my house.

I’m not sure if I would be able to work you from G/SP-006, my QTH is at about 87m ASL, I’m right in the bottom of the Wenning valley next to the river. If you place an alert and I’m around, I could maybe fire up the 19 year old FT817 with the SB270.



Today my chosen summit was Longridge Fell G/SP-014. This is an easy walk and, although mine was the only car at the closest parking spot, there were plenty of walkers and mountain bikers about. I set up away from the trig at the edge of the forest to give a clearer takeoff to the south. First in the log and the usual best DX, was Don G0RQL at 218 miles (on 2.5 Watts). I made six contacts without trying too hard. A station in Kent was a good one too. Nice to catch Rob G0HRT. I stopped before the battery ran out as it was just too hot in the sun. No sign of G8ADD.

360 degree photo.


The XYL took me shopping! :unamused:

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Thanks for the 2M ssb contact Richard.
It was great to chat with you again.
I hope that you enjoyed your day out on SP revisited.
It certainly was a great day for it.

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