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Revisiting the G/SP summits

The way the shops are at present (many with “one person per household” rules), mine insists on my NOT going shopping with her… :wink:

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Same here, but I can’t drive and Pauline can’t walk without crutches, so she is chauffeur and I am Juggins!

Noticed your 2m SSB alert for later today Richard, will hopefully be on a local high spot to see if I can hear you :+1:

All the best for the activation,


Another sunny and hot day for my activation of Black Hill G/SP-002. This hill is an easy walk but is well known as being a rather poor VHF site. Nonetheless I made 8 contacts on 2m SSB. Don G0RQL was the best DX and was last in the log this time. The calling channel was quite busy as there was some SpE into Poland. Sadly this was not audible on Black Hill although I did hear the occasional meteor ping. I had the misfortune to run across one truly inept operator but he soon lost me. No sign of G8ADD.

Click here for 360 degree photo.

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A slight change of plan today saw me on Shining Tor G/SP-004. The summits was moderately busy but no-one came near me. I was a bit sad as I had intended to tell people that I was part of a secret Government CV19 tracking experiment. A fly-past by two auto-gyros was an unusual interlude. 12 QSO (all on 2.5 Watts) and some pleasant chats. Best DX G0RQL as usual. Don was very strong - this hill has a good takeoff in his direction. No sign of G8ADD.

I was enjoying the Es on 10m. 2m is unuseable today with a strong rasping buzz. If the Es drops out I’ll get out the 817 and see if I can find the source. Meanwhile I am pleased that you are getting so many calls.

It seems that there’s one call in particular he’s determined to get though. Sort it out Brian :wink:

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It will be just his luck to have someone tune up over Richard when he can hear him.


I’d say it was practically guaranteed Andy!

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Hi Richard,
If you had told them, it would not be secret anymore :wink:
Congrats on your successful 2m SSB G/SP revisiting tour.
I haven’t yet activated on 2m SSB and I think I’m going to have to try it one of these days… :thinking:


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Today you got a spot from Oregon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

10:52 G3CWI/P on G/SP-005 [VK port-a-log] (by AG7UO)

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Oh I see … was a parrot :parrot:


May be VK3ZPF testing some software !

73 Éric

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Pendle Hill G/SP-005 is a hill in an area with a long association with witches. I did not knowingly see any on this activation. From Barley Lane I took the steeper of the two main paths up. I paused on the ascent several times to admire the view. It was an overcast day and rain seemed at least possible, indeed to was raining when I left Macclesfield. The summit was busy with a constant stream of walkers. One lady climbed onto the trig point and did some sort of yoga pose on one leg. I made 9 contacts in all including a rare 2m SSB s2s with M1FHM. Turns out this summit is not that great as a VHF site. Don G0RQL was finally in the log after a few attempts; he maintains his 100% record. I was glad to get going again as it was quite cold. I came down the easier-angled path to make a short circular walk. No sign of G8ADD who also maintains his 100% record. It was raining when I returned to Macclesfield. More summits next week.


Billinge Hill G/SP-017 is no-one’s most popular SOTA but even though it’s also rather low, it does have a good takeoff . No problems with QRM from the nearby masts when using the FT-817 and a horizontal antenna. One person reported that I had bad audio but I think he might have been unfamiliar with how to tune in an SSB station as later callers all agreed that it was fine. This activation saw the return of the WASP Special + SOTA Beam combo. This is a really light system that makes use of a walking pole as a mast. I had forgotten just how good it is. Nine contacts including a chat with Allan GW4VPX. Naturally Don G0RQL made it into the log. No sign of G8ADD.

Click here for 360 degree photo

The WASP Special Combo - packed



I can understand why you take a chair to that summit. :wink:


Thanks for the contact Richard…first one with my little 2m horizontal beam and I could hear Don RQL. …looking forward to the next one.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Something else I’ve got lurking under the bench awaiting the right time for it to emerge! Will defo give it a try when I can get out :slight_smile:


I’ve got one here somewhere also…“it might come in” as they say in Yorkshire. The question is, why was it called a WASP Special?

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WASP = Walk All Southern Pennines … may be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

WASP = Walking and Skiing Pole

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