Rev. George Dobbs G3RJV SK

I am sorry to report that George died yesterday after a long period of ill-health. George founded the G-QRP club which has done much to promote low power operating. He will be missed by many.

Yep a name that has been around the QRP circle for many years.

John VK6NU

Sad news. A man who did so much for our hobby. He will be missed.

Yes, very sad news indeed. An inspiration to many.
A great loss to our hobby

Dave G3TQQ

Sorry to hear that George G3RJV is now silent key.

Jimmy M0HGY

I knew he was ill but this is very sad news. One of the great supporters of QRP operating and construction. RIP G3RJV.

Allan GW4VPX

Sad news. I’ve got one of his good little books on QRP on my shelf - as no doubt others have too.

Hi David,

I’m sure most of us have at least one of his books, and many more articles from
various mags. Although I never met George, he was based at a church at
Chelmsley Wood just outside Birmingham before moving north. I lived locally,
and he was somewhat of a celebrity in the local radio community.

RIP George

Dave G0ELJ

Very sad news, I lived just down the road from Him he was a true Rochdale Masher!!

RIP George 73

Tony G7OEM

A great loss to the hobby

VALE Rev. George Dobbs G3RJV.


Thank you for posting that Richard.

Yes, that is sad news indeed. There was no amateur with greater enthusiasm nor one who better showed just what can be achieved with very little. We will miss George with his QRP conventions complete with pie & peas. End of an era. He will ever be remembered.
John (4827)

Sad news indeed. We’ll miss George, a great man in the QRP world…

Luc - ON7DQ (GQRP member 11840)

Sad news indeed. I first met George when he gave a presentation at the Gloucester Radio Club around 1980/81. Within a week I’d built my first QRP rig and that completely the changed direction I took the hobby.
A truly inspirational character and will be sadly missed.

I never met him, but I used to turn to his column first in PW and I built several of his circuits…and often found myself musing about the quotations with which he headed his column! He will be impossible to replace.

Sad news, I had the pleasure of staying in the Wales QTH a couple of times and using the included QRP shack.
A true gent.

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