Retractable 2-element HB9CV for 6 meters

A friend of mine showed me this design:

Any other ideas on SOTA-feasible 6 meters directional setup?

I have used Moxon rectangles for 10m and 6m.
Here is a picture of my 10m antenna.



I was also going to suggest a Moxon. I haven’t used one, but there is a nice description in this thread.


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I have one of these:

While not collapsible like your HB9CV design, it does come apart and re-assembles quickly and easily. The other part of a VHF antenna that has to be considered is a suppotying rotatable mast. I have a “caravan mast” for my 6m Moxon.

Since moving to Germany however this portable set-up has sat in the cellar as portable operation on 6 metres is illegal in Germany.

73 Ed.

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Any other ideas on SOTA-feasible 6 meters directional setup?

See the 28 Ohms design: Neue Seite 1
Building lightweight yagis: PVC-Yagis


I have used this design in the past, the 2m of conduit can be replaced with a couple of fibre glass rods and a joiner plus some sticky tape. With it being mostly wire it all coils up to be portable.

73 de Amdrew G4VFL


The Hentenna is another simple yet effective homebrew design:

               de OE6FEG

Herbert OE9HRV has made some beautiful Hentennas and had great results from them.

I have done similar, however mine is apex up and fed at corner of bottom. Instead of conduit I used a wood dowel. Light enough to be supported by a telescopic pole with apex at 30 ft. No harder to make/install than a dipole and more effective.