Replacement Trophy

The manufacturer of our trophy blanks has, without any notice, discontinued the “ice blocks” that we have used for many years. Consequently we have had to source a replacement trophy.

The one we have chosen is a glass plate with a peg leg to support it in an upright position - shown below. Although the price is slightly higher than our previous product the MT have decided to continue to charge the current price for the time being; none of us need price inflation right now. The trophy is 150 mm x 100 mm x 6 mm (6 inch x 4 inch x 1/4 inch) and the engraving will be placed on the lower 1/3 of the trophy.

Currently this is available for “Mountain Goat” with “Shack Sloth” continuing to be available while stocks of the existing blanks last.


Too bad. I’m not impressed at all with these. My first thought was that it was a light switch cover. Nothing unique at all. Most likely a hard pass for me.

I would have rather had something like this mounted on a plaque.

I think it would help to have a mock up to show how it looks engraved with the red shading. That might help sway some people by seeing the final product but as it looks now probably not interested.

Personally I would rather pay more for something more unique and doesn’t look like a dozen other awards I’ve accumulated over the years.


My brother made this for me.
Ian vk5cz


Hi Barry,

I like it
And it might change my mind about applying for the 1,000 pts award. What text would be engraved?
And put the price up. We understand the reason. Delaying the increase won’t make it better accepted.

All these glass trophies need a coloured velvet backing imo to make them stand out.


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This, unfortunately, was the only option open to me. I was less than amused when the manufacturer told me that they had stopped making the original ones without notice and I was running out of stock.

The decisions that had to be made were “ease of engraving” and “selling price”. The option I might have preferred was double the existing price - would you be willing to pay over $40 for the blank before engraving - and the engraver did not like that she would require a jig to hold it while doing the work.

Bit bigger than that but you could always make the cutout and mount it on the wall :rofl:

When I have one engraved I will change the photo - they were only delivered to me on Monday!!!


I could offer you a genuinely unique one - I have one, and only one, glass block which is just 3 inch square engraved with the Goat logo.

How about this !


Yours for £235 on e-bay !

With culled goats and those farmed for meat there could be an alternative supply.

Going to shoot my own and with my ability the goat would be very safe !

73 de

Andrew G4VFL


Can it be engraved? I just ordered the sloth and would love to have a matching Goat

Understandable. It would have been nice to give some advance warning before the cut off to let you stock up. I guess it’s just a bit of a let down since I’ve been eyeing that block for 3 years and once eligible they were gone. But business is business and you have to do what needs to be done. :+1:


Yes it can be engraved it is just 25% smaller than before

I was incandescent when I found out they had stopped making it without notice. I could easily have justified purchasing a large number (I normally purchased in batches of 50) to ensure continuity

I’ll take it. I have an order that I placed yesterday. Can it be added to that order?

OK, will send you an invoice - same engraving?

Same as the Activator certificate if possible.

In the past, we had the option of ordering “as engraved”, meaning no red paint. I did that so I could paint one trophy with green letters, one yellow, one blue, all using model airplane dope. I suppose painting over the red would work just as well, unless viewed from behind.

Elliott, K6EL

My Mtn Goat glass is from 2012. It looks very neat BUT… I have no idea how to display it? I can not see the engraving, standing it up, or laying on something white, or laying it on something dark, the only way it is visible if it is against a window pane. Anyone know of a good way to display it??? - Fred KT5X

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Very nice! Thank you Barry. You support us well,
73, John.

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Indeed Fred, it really needs to be back lit for best effect. Witness the display of the award that Fraser MM0EFI received earlier this year.

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Great pix. Interesting… will experiment some more!

TNX, Mate - FD

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Hmm. To be frank: As for my very personal taste, the new trophy is a lot less attractive. I understand the constraints and deeply appreciate the time and dedication contributed, but also want to be open.

Would it be possible to start a broader search or competition?

73 de Martin, DK3IT

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