Release of my '817 Comm-pack'

Hello Sota friends,

Yesterday I did a double activation, the first for me on 2014.
Apart from doing the activation, which is something I always enjoy, I wanted to take that chance to test a new gadget I have built. It is a pack to hold the FT-817 plus the battery and a custom made adaptor for the headset and the Paddle.
Let me explain why I did it.

In the past I used to carry along with me all gear and settle the rig, battery, wiring, etc, in the summit. It takes time to connect all things up in a summit. Sometimes when it’s windy or rainy, it’s even worse, as you want to deploy quickly and don’t want to put your gear on risk of getting dirty, or wet…
Therefore I thought: “what if I prepare a sort of pack to keep my rig in the rucksack, with the battery connected in place and with an easy way to plug all accesories like the headset or the cw paddles?”

Then my homebrew ‘817 Comm-Pack’ was born. This little gadget keeps all parts together. It fits neatly in my rucksack, inside an inner pocket. The top part of the pack lies on top of it so that I can plug and operate quite fast now.
I added a mains button to bypass the battery and avoid that the rig can be accidentally switched on during transportation. And all is kept watertight and protected!
I built the pack in wood and apply some paint to protect it.

You can see some pictures and dimensions here:


I wrote a full description article (sorry, in Spanish for now!) available in:

I think you can figure out most things in the PDF file… but if you want to build one for you and need more details, I’ll be pleased to help.

I’ll prepare a video as well. I’ll let you know when ready.
I didn’t mention that the activations was great, all worked fine in both summits; I had plenty of chasers and worked five S2S which is always a plus to end with a perfect day.

VY 73, take care
Ignacio EA2BD

In reply to EA2BD:

That is an interesting solution Ignacio. For many years I have operated with my transceiver mounted in a lightweight plastic box to protect it from the weather. Originally I used an A4 size box, but since adding an auto-ATU I have changed to two A5 boxes with the transceiver, ATU and 2m linear stacked. I use plastic boxes as they are lighter than wood.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Very nice work Ignacio! I´ve had a similar solution before switching to the KX3.

Visit my GoBox site for some info:

73, Tom

In reply to OE2ATN:

Thanks Gerald, I’ve seen that solution before and it’s really fine.
I didn’t want to take the rig out the rucksack so that’s why I prepared the wooden rack. My parts are just 3mm thick and is light enough.

Thanks Tom, your design is pretty and neat. It does worth the view on your Blog, and the KX3 too ;o)