Links to old reflector messages

I happened to be reading through an old thread of mine, and I noticed that one of the messages includes a link to another thread on the old reflector:

This link still brings up the thread on the old reflector. Obviously, this is deprecated, and will cease to exist. The referenced thread exists on the new reflector here:

I was wondering if there were any plans for an automated replacement of such links in the future, or if it will depend on the authors of any such posts to edit them to refer to their new locations.

On a related note, Google still points to the old reflector for some search results, but appears to be picking some up from the new one as well. I assume that it will transition over to the new one entirely at some point.


—73 Karl KA3RCS

Thanks for pointing this out Karl.

There are no current plans to do this in a systematic way. However, a search of ‘’ would probably unearth all the links, so if anyone fancied the job…!

Yes. Having said that, the above mentioned links will probably keep the old refelector very alive on Google while this is still the case.

73, Jon