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Really Nice Battery Solution for FT-817


Hi Jim,
No I am not using 18650 individual Cells - I am using a complete single 3S Lipo battery solution. I am not using the Windcamp commercial solution, I am using a solution created in VK-Land by VK3YY and I took the connectors from one of my defunkt Yaesu NiMH (FNB-85) put that on my AA battery cell case and took its cable plus two 100k resistors(voltage splitter for the green "do not allow charging via the external 13.8v socket, lead) for the Turnigy Nanotech 2500maH LiPO battery from Hobbyking. I then put rechargable eneloop cells in the AA case. this pacjage with the eneloops last a LOT shorter time than the LIPO but it’s a backup. I would expect you may see the same with the 18650s.

As you say there are also commercial options from Windcamp and I think direct out of China if you wish to pay extra for the convenience but to manually do this is simple.

In my case I remove the battery to charge it so no changes are needed to the battery compartment cover.

73 Ed.



I like that! Thanks for the VK3YY link!

I was hoping to use the 18650s just because I have them readily available, but this battery solution would be right down my alley. Do you know what the plug that I need is called? I want to buy a couple so I don’t have to pull any off my still usable AA or NiMH battery packs?



Hi Jim,
I could find similar plugs but not exactly the right one, so I looked around and bought an old Yaesu battery and took the lead from there. Then I swapped that with the lead on the AA cell box.
That green wire that tells the FT817 not to allow a charge to come back from the external socket (as is OK with the NiMH and rechargable AA Cells but not with LIPOs) - that is normally connected in the AA cells box at half way through the pack (something you don’t have on the 3S LIPO) - so instead of that you need to include a voltage splitter of 2 x 100k resistors in the cable harness.

73 Ed.