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Qualify as successful activation?

If you camp out on a summit and work 2 contacts before bed and 2 in the morning… does that qualify as 4 contacts for a successful activation?

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Yes, you would qualify if the 4 QSOs were made in the same UTC day.

Vy 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

Actually the very first makes it a qualified activation, but you only get the points for it after 4 contacts and as Pedro say, if those 4 contacts are within the same UTC day, that’s fine.


Provided the contacts are made within the one activation, the activation will earn the points.

This is the reason why we are asked not to split our logs at 0000 UTC. All the contacts belong to a single activation.

From the way I understand it, the two contacts made before and after the sleep are part of the same activation, so they add up to 4 contacts for the activation. Provided they are with different callsigns, you get your summit points.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

As far as I know there is no time limit on an activation. You could camp up there for a week if you like. You can split on UTC boundaries if it is to your advantage but you don’t have to.

Hi - this was recently discussed (with traditional verbosity!). I think Andy’s answer was particularly helpful:

Short answer to the OP’s question: yes.

It has not been made clear that there is an OPTION to enter those contacts as ONE activation where all contacts get credited to the same UTC calendar date as the first contact, OR to make them separate entries with different UTC dates if the UTC crossover was from the LAST day of one year to the FIRST day of the next year, IF there were 4 or more unique contacts before the rollover and 4 or more unique contacts after the rollover.

Do go to the post above this one and read the entire thread in the linked to “A Question of Time” thread for more background discussion.

Edit: My original clarification was partially incorrect (as pointed out in the following post quoting some now removed content). This edit now makes note only of that rare exception where splitting an activation is a benefit to the activator. But it is important information to point out, making this a bit more complicated than a simple YES or NO answer.

Yes, the activator has the choice, but it only really matters for activators if the activation crosses the year boundary. There is no real point in “splitting” the activation at any other time.

If a chaser makes contacts with the same activation on two or more different UTC dates, then they log those contacts exactly as they happened, and get the points. End of story. It doesn’t matter how the activator logs it, or indeed whether the activator logs it at all.

Of course you could then have a situation in which the chaser has claimed a contact on a day for which there does not appear at first sight to have been an activation. But we have been told quite forcefully that we as participants are not supposed to worry about this. The recent removal of the “asterisks” seems to have been a bid to stop us worrying about it. Just log the contacts as they happened, and the scores will be right.

Martyn M1MAJ

Well best of all it has stopped the deliberate false logging that happens. A regular op always logs Scottish activations he does incorrectly and a significant number of chasers would find they logged the QSO correctly but got no star. They would then change the log by entering the wrong data and get a star.

A system which rewards the chasers to log the wrong data is broken.

Now the star is gone and not one single chaser of this activator has gone back and edited their logs to get stars because there are no stars. A 100% improvement since 2016.


Work chasers before 24:00 UTC and the same chasers again after 00:00 UTC and they get the points twice. Once for the first day and again for the second day. The only time you can do that as an activator and get double points is on Dec. 31 / Jan/ 1.
Dean ~ K2JB