QRS Mountain Activation Day - Is something like this existing

By reading the topics about EA2IF, who promoted CW, I was wondering if there is something like a “QRS Mountain Activation Day”?
I know about a QRS week - around May - being organised by the AGCW, but have not found anything related to mountain activations.

Do you know about something similar to a “QRS Mountain Activation Day”?

If it is not existing, would people be interested in something like that?
Activators and chasers that are new into CW SOTA activation and chasing could be requested to pay special attention to QRS stations and stay in a range of 6-12 wpm.
Thus, helping people to start to gather their first CW experience…

No special points etc. needed. just the pleasure to help CW newcomers to chase or activate mountains.

Any thoughts on this?



Hello Ingo

Nice idea - I don’t know if there is such a thing either… I am not aware of anything…

But I think it’s important to promote CW wherever possible.

Find a date, promote it … and whenever it works for me - I’m there!

73 Armin


Most activators would reply at the same speed as a chaser if he/she was sending slow CW anyway.


You are right!

But there is an inhibition threshold… to call even CQ SOTA with a speed of 12 wpm or below… that could be reduced here.

And there are still some who answer with a much higher speed… maybe they have to show how good they (or their computer :wink: ) is in cw.

73 Armin


I dont know… Most of the ops I know will always slow down if someone is sending slow. Especially if it is a new call sign.

Kent K9EZ


Hi Ingo,

To me it seems a very good idea to break the ice for newcomers…
It might be also a good motivation for people like me who try to learn CW just for fun but need a “test” date, hi.

73 Stephan


I’ll be happy to take part and will go as slow as people request. I always get a wee buzz out of helping out slower/new to CW people but I’m no speed demon myself.

A suggestion, it’s quite hard calling slower than my normal speed so perhaps activators can signal they’re taking part in this by calling CQ SOTAQRS as well as spotting they’re taking part. That way they can do normal CW stuff and also have periods when they slow right down and call. It also may help people who feel awkward sending PSE QRS.


Indeed, it is intended more ´to break the ice‘…


An indeed nice hint in support of newcomers.
Any hint that takes the fear of the first qrs cw pileup will help.

Lets see if there are any more comments coming on this one…


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I think it is an excellent idea.

I remember having to really psych myself up on the first few times I tried to chase (and activate!) using CW. Although as others have commented, virtually all ops will happily slow down as required, I’m sure an event which actively encourages those less confident to have a try would make the prospect of a CW QSO much less daunting.

73, Matthew M0JSB

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I think it’s a good idea too. There is a thing called the Slow Morse Club on FaceBook which encourages CW operation at slow speed.

I find below 12 wpm difficult but 12 to 14 wpm is comfortable.

I might even try it with a straight key!

I suspect 40m or 30m might be the best bands for Europe.


It was award a few years ago organized by Spanish OMs, it had “turtles” in its name.
It was nice to work them.

Coming back to proposal of Ingo I can try on Saturday January 14th to use QRS calling in SOTA SP 15 anniversary award.

Stay tuned :wink:

73, Jarek


People should reply at your speed or slower - it’s considered the polite thing.

So, put “QRS” in the comments of your alert - you do alert don’t you?

If people on air respond at mega-speed then send “QRS QRZ”

If they don’t slow down ignore them and call CQ again.


Great idea Ingo - I’d be happy to participate :grinning: it will also help my CW operating skills out too! I’ve been teaching myself over the past few months and I’m getting to grips with it now, having achieved 3 qualified summits on CW so far. I’ll keep an eye out for any arranged dates :+1:

73, GW4BML. Ben


We did it today :blush:
Thank you chasers, it was fine play :smile:

73, Jarek


Thanks for the S2S yesterday, Jarek!
I was surprised to hear you operating QRS - should have read this thread before :crazy_face:

73, cu soon again!


Thank you! Will propose a date after reviewing existing non mountain QRS activities. So stay tuned…

It may be a good opportunity to attract new people…



I would like another 2m horizontal CW activity day.
I enjoyed it last year and best DX was 800km.
Lets push the band.



I’m up for that but I’ll be in Spain through April and May which might be testing to reach the UK! Possible with FT8 but let’s not go there!

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Not necessarily, I used 50W cw to 2 stacked HB9CV aerials at 10m 300m asl from West Wales.