QRP Minimal Art Session 26.05.2022

Today I received a nice reminder:

You can find out more here: http://www.qrpcc.de/

So there will be some stations with rudimentary TRX to listen to…

It will be exciting:
there will be transmissions that are not very frequency stable,
some will not be transceive,
there will be chirping … …but everyone will be happy about a call.

…I plan to be active on DM/BW-018 with my 40m TRX made of 86 components (without IC!)…

So please have an open ear for every CQ MAS calls.

73 Armin


Good Luck.

Those older style transceivers had character. Just like straight keys have character.

You could identify some merchant ships and a few warships, just by the sound of their transmitters before the end of morse at sea.


Hello, Armin.

You had a very nice and strong 599 signal. Congratulations for your MAS SOTA activation. Thanks for the QSO!

73, Milos S57D

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